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Stacker 3 XPLC...No Weight Loss, But More Energy!

Jul 9, 2007 (Updated Jul 9, 2007)
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Pros:immediate energy, easy to swallow, easy to carry, only up to 3 pills a day

Cons:no effect on weight, no child safe packaging, not everyone can take this

The Bottom Line: If you are healthy, can live without cheese, red wine, and liver, than this is a great way to boost your energy!

I'm on a mission to lose weight. I've been on this mission since I had my son 5 years's not going well. I can walk until I drop, cut calories, and skip out on all the sodas and snacks that pack on the pounds, but yet the scale won't budge.

I saw a commercial for the Stacker products, and I had used the original years ago. So, I figured, what have I got to lose? In the best case scenario, I'd drop some weight. In the worst case, I'd see no benefit.

The great thing about this particular product is it's packaging. The box is actually filled with vials which each contain 3 easy to swallow pink and purple pills. ST-3 is written in white on the purple portion, and XPLC is in white on the pink section, so there is no chance of confusing this with something else!

The package I purchased contained 20 vials, with a total of 60 capsules. These capsules are plastic, and come with a secure top, so you can easily carry your day's supply in your purse or pocket, without having to cart around a huge bottle. WARNING: This is not child safe packaging, and is very easy to open.

According to the packaging, this product is intended to "Burn fat, boost metabolism, and increase energy."

The proprietary blend (195 mg) contains:
Yohimbe Alkaloids (pausinystalia yohimbe bark)
6',7' Dihydroxybergamottin (fruit)
Yerba Mate (leaves)
Camellia Sinesis
60% Polyphenols (green leaves)
Capsaicin (fruit)

200 mg of (anhydrous) caffeine is what gives you that rush of energy

This product is definately NOT for everybody. There are a lot of medical conditions that if you have, you need to consult a physician prior to starting use of this product. That being said, I know many people will still take this even though they probably shouldn't.

Here is a list of conditions that this product may interfere with:

Stroke, heart disease, thyroid disease,
Liver disease, kidney disease, ulcer
Diabetes, High blood pressure, caffeine sensitivity,
Recurrent headaches, anxiety, depression,
Other pyschiatric conditions, glaucoma,
Difficulty urinating, prostate enlargement, or
Seizure disorder

If you are taking any other supplements, weight loss products, or prescription medications, consult your doctor before starting this product.

You may want to know that you should avoid taking other caffeine products with these, such as sodas, coffee, etc because this can cause serious health problems such as muscle function loss, chills and vertigo. If you experience anything like this, consult your doctor. Rapid heart beat, nausea, insomnia, dizziness and shortness of breath should be mentioned immediately to your doctor.

Also avoid alcohol, and foods with Tyramine such as cheese, red wine, and liver.

Wow...seems like a lot of reasons NOT to take this product! So, if you've read through the list of things that may affect whether you can use this product, and you are as free and clear as you can be from harmful, complicating elements listed, then you are ready to being your weight loss, energy boosting plan.

My Experience:
This definately gives me energy. I take one in the morning, and one in the afternoon with meals, but I skip the evening dose as I do want to be able to rest without a problem. I feel a rush of energy after about 10 minutes of taking this product, and that lasts for a couple of hours. I am not shakey, and don't tremble or have difficulty concentrating when using this product. However, when it wears off, I feel very sluggish and lazy. This is typical of caffeine and sugar rush energy boosts. They give you a quick, sharp rise of energy, and them WHOOSH! When you use it up, you are more tired then you were to begin with!

These are easy to swallow, and I have not noticed any taste to them. However, I have never let one dissolve on my tongue, so I can't vouch for the taste of the actual concoction!

I have used this product off an on for several months, and have not had any noticeable effect on my weight loss. In fact, the scale still has not moved...sigh...what am I doing wrong?

While I haven't noticed an increased drop in weight, I sure have noticed a cleaner house! I have more energy to keep up with all the dogs, the cat, the two young kids, and a husband who comes with a lot of laundry!

I now longer have the paper insert that came with the product, but I seem to remember it stating that this product should not be taken every day for longer than a couple of weeks. I'll have to check on it, but I do believe this is one of those products, like many others, that you need to cycle on and off with for safety, health, and benefit reasons.

I purchased my box of 60 capsules at Walmart for less than $30.00, and am happy with the energy boosts, but have not seen any other results from it.

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