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Star Manufacturing International (ST100SLP) Network Adapter

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A Solid, No Frills Low Profile Ethernet Adapter

Jul 30, 2008
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Pros:Full Duplex 10/100 Mbps Architecture, Easy To Install, Windows XP Has Built-In Drivers.

Cons:Provided Drivers on 3.5" Diskette Instead of CD.

The Bottom Line: For the money you just can't beat the ease of installation and solid performance that the StarTech ST100SLP network adapter provides.

For those of you that have computer systems that do not allow for full size PCI card installation, a low profile network controller is probably what you need. Although most mini, mid and full sized tower PCs offer easy installation of a normal PCI controller, a desktop PC (that lays horizontal on your desk) usually only offers open slots for low profile (sometimes called "half-height") cards. In fact, some desktop PCs offer no expansion slots whatsoever. Since low profile cards are not in very high demand these days, they can be a real challenge to find when shopping for PCI card; such as a video controller, modem, soundcard or network adapter.

My oldest daughter has a little HP desktop PC, and during a recent electrical storm her integrated network controller (built in to the motherboard) got zapped. Her system had one open PCI slot, for which I wanted to install a new network adapter, but I noticed that it was a low profile slot, which meant that I couldn't just run to my local electronics store and buy one. I searched a great deal on-line and found the StarTech ST100SLP Ethernet Network Adapter here on The cost was very low, which kind of scared me a little, but I researched the product on-line and found that most people stated that it was a decent performer.

The product box contains very few items. Of course it contains the ST100SLP Ethernet adapter, as well as an installation manual and an installation floppy diskette. Yes, you heard me correctly; installation "DISKETTE". Most newer computers don't even come with a diskette drive any more so I was rather surprised to find this form of media, rather than a CD-ROM disk. Of course the drivers can also be downloaded directly from the website, in case anyone needs them. Fortunately Windows XP (which is the OS on my daughter's PC) has built-in drivers for this controller, so there was no need for me to install the drivers from StarTech. I simply snapped the StarTech ST100SLP adapter card into my daughter's PC and powered the PC on. As soon as Windows XP loaded it detected the new controller and installed the necessary drivers for it. It immediately acquired an IP address from my home network router (via DHCP) and I was browsing the Internet within just a couple of minutes.

Although this is a 10/100 Mbps controller, the manufacturer boasts that the full duplex design of this device esentially doubles the data transfer rate to 20/200 Mbps. I have no way to test this claim but the technical principles behind this claim are solid. They also state that it is compatible with both PC and MAC platforms (drivers for both are included). And best of all, the manufacturer stands behind this Ethernet adapter with a lifetime warranty and "FREE lifetime technical support."

Overall I am very happy with my purchase of the StarTech low profile Ethernet adapter. It functions as promised by the manufacturer and the installation was as effortless as I could have hoped for. Although this card is only a 10/100 Mbps controller (not capable of Gigabit speeds), it is a real bargain for the money. I cannot truly attest to how well the ST100SLP will hold up over time but I feel that it is a well built product that will potentially last for several years (provided we don't get hit by another close lightning strike!). Even if I have to replace it in the next year or two (hopefully StarTech would replace it for free under the lifetime warranty), the StarTech ST100SLP is priced low enough to prevent any hard feelings on my part. Keep in mind, the ST100SLP is a budget network adapter, so don't expect any bells and whistles, or to set any data transfer speed records. However, for basic web browsing, e-mail, and mild amounts of home network file transfers, I highly recommend this product for any consumer that requires a low profile Ethernet adapter for their desktop PC.

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