Starbucks Coffee Verona Coffee, 1 lb Bag - SBK159370 (Starbucks) Reviews

Starbucks Coffee Verona Coffee, 1 lb Bag - SBK159370 (Starbucks)

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Starbucks Verona 1 Pound of Coffee Goodness

Mar 1, 2012
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Pros:Strong, Powerful Notes, Depth of Character, Bold

Cons:Makes you thirsty, A bit expensive

The Bottom Line: Starbucks Coffee Verona will get you moving. No alarm clock needed.

There's no denying that Starbucks Coffee Verona, is going to wake you up. This is one potent cup of java. In fact, I'd put it among their strongest of blends, and that's just another reason to why I find it an ideal choice for those days where sleep deprivation is a issue. It has been around for a long time, and it is very popular. You can find it from your barista at your local store, or pick it up at a grocery chain establishment. Either way, it is the same stuff. You might save a bit with the grocery store, but its worth its rather high price, as it is quality over quantity. Its a dark brew, that will get you moving.

Consider that "the cost of doing business." First of all, opening the bag, delivers an aromatic scent, that is appealing and makes you want it right away. Brewing it makes these feelings even stronger, and that cup from the first sip is a good one. You get strong notes of chocolate in every batch, and its a little bit spicy too. That might be a bit too much for some, but I find it to be sophisticated and balanced despite that little unexpected kick. For those who do not want acid though, be sure to avoid it, as that is a slight issue. For me though, I'm all about strong, full bodied coffees, and this one does not disappoint. Its multilayer of flavors, also some sweet notes, make it a combination of depth and character that's going to be different from what you usually drink.

The beans are from Latin America and Asia. This blending delivers a "alarm clock in a cup" type of performance. My only complaint is that, it will make you thirsty for water. A lot of coffees do this, but this one tends to be a little bit more than the others. This dark brew will certainly help you get through your day, and do not, do not, drink this in the evening. You have been warned. This is full bodied, robust, and you will not sleep all night. Stick to one cup only too, as more than that, and you might just be shaking a bit. I like this coffee, and at around $14 a pound, I consider it a worthwhile purchase, and it is especially helpful with long hours at work or tasks around the house.        

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