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Starbucks Hot Cocoa 24/BX

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Starbucks Hot Cocoa Food for Food

Nov 22, 2007 (Updated Nov 22, 2007)
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Pros:Delicious, strong chocolate/coffee flavor


The Bottom Line: Delicious strong dark chocolate flavor, mixes easily, great for on the go or travel

I am a Starbucks addict. I have a Ice Blended Frappacino every day. That is every day when it's warm. Now were hitting cold weather and I turn to Starbuck's Hot cocoa. The box of 24 make it easy to bring a packet with me so I can even have one at a friends house. I've converted a lot of people to Starbucks COcoa this way.

The packets travel well and are great for camping, you can boil up some hot milk or water wherever you are camped out and have smores and hot cocoa in style with Starbucks in a packet. I pack them when we go away for a week end since I never know if we'll be near a Starbucks and it's an easy drink to mix up in your hotel room.

If you work in an office keep a couple of packets in your desk drawer, you'll end up having to share.

Starbucks Hot Cocoa packets are super to throw into a care package for your kids at college or at camp. They'll certainly appreciate it, it will kick their popularity up a notch.

Along with being delicious and easy to make it gives me quite an energy boost. Starbuck's products are designed with quality in mind. Flavor and quality I might add. If you go to their site you can read about their attitude towards their products and employees.

A little trick if you're interested is to mix a packet with a Tablespoon or two of boiling hot water and you get a wonderful, rich chocolate syrup that can be spooned on ice cream. A warm weather treat. You can dribble it on cakes, cookies or cupcakes.

Make the same mix then pour 2 tablespoons of this syrup into an 8 oz cup, add Starbucks espresso coffee and fill the rest with hot milk. Now you have the perfect caffe mocha. In store you can get Ppermint mocha so try a drop of mint falvoring in your home made version for this drink. A little Pumpkin spice added to your hot chocolate gives you your version of the in store Gingerbread Mocha.

For the rich hot chocolate make the syrup combining equal parts of the packet with warm water. Pour 2 tablespoons of this syrup into another 8 oz. cup and add hot milk. This makes wonderful hot chocolate.

If you really need a fix you can just eat a packetful just remember not to inhale.

A cute Starbucks saying is "When coffee dreams, it dreams of hot chocolate" . At Starbucks you can purchase a card with your particular drink of choice written on the front so that when you hand over your card they know (they, meaning the Baristas) exactly what your particular rof choice is.

I love that I can have a little bit of Starbucks whenever or wherever I want it when I buy these little packets of cocoa.My sister even brought some to Italy!

One Tablespoon is 20 calories, 4 sugars and 1 protein.

**This is an entry in the Lean-n-mean VI' write off so I"ve kept it as brief as possible while still describing the product a, it's qualities and taste. Lean-n-mean VI

This is an entry in Sleeper54 & Cmaw63's Food for Food Write-off as well. A contribution of food is made for each entry.

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