Stylette Fool-A-Bug Bowls Medium

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Got Pets? Got Bugs? Get Fool-A-Bug (Dog & Cat) Bowls

Oct 4, 2003 (Updated Oct 5, 2003)
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Pros:Keeps ants.slugs, small bugs away from pets food; safe for pets and kids (no chemicals)

Cons:Doesn't stop overall bug problem.

The Bottom Line: If bugs are crawling into your pet's food bowl, you definitely need to get one or more of the Fool-A-Bug bowls. This will eliminate your problem! I highly recommend them.

I must calm myself down before continuing with this review. This product solves a real problem for me! My house has been overtaken by buggies (ants to be exact). The ants not only took over the abode, they also are getting into my cats' (Bridget, Mainecoon, Jazmine, Siamese, and Nikko, Jaz's half Siamese son), and dog's (Lacy, my pound rescue labster mix hellion) food dishes. Yes, I despise the bugs-I would also have to throw away the food, and that gets to be very costly. When I would arrive home from work, my pets would be starving because though I would leave the bowls with their food out and available for them, the ants were in the food.

My friends and family didn't have any suggestions on how to alleviate the problem (though I'm sure they were awake nights worrying on my behalf-yeah, right), so I went to my favorite pet related (health and wellness for dogs) message board, Dog Bytes, on Delphi Forums. I posted my desperate plea there. Several really good suggestions were made by the members, and the one that was the best match for me (cost, convenience) was the Fool-A-Bug bowls. There is also a company that makes an attachment for the bowls you already have, but it sounded involved to me. Also I contacted them to ask a couple of questions, and they didn't respond.

So what the heck are these bowls?

These bowls were made to not only feed your cats and dogs, but they are made without any type of chemical or preservative, so are not dangerous to your pets or children (or even the environment). The bowls are made to deter ants and other small bugs-they simply will not crawl up and into the bowls. They are made of a sturdy plastic, and while I am hardly the tech oriented type, it looks like the bugs are thrown off due to the four little knobs on the bottom of the bowl that lift the bowls off the ground.

Colors & sizes:

They come in a cream color, teal, lavender or stainless steel. I got the lavender color for my cats, and the dog. The prices go up from $5.99 for the small (3 cups), to $7.99 for medium (7 cups), $8.99 for jumbo (12 cups) and the stainless steel is a little over $20.00 (15 cups).

How to use:

First of all don't worry about this. I am terrible with instructions, and this is a piece of cake. Each of the Stylette Fool-A-Bug bowls has instructions right on the front of the bowl, and included in the package when it arrives.

Most importantly, don't let the bowl lean against any other surface; wall, appliance; not even any objects. If your cats or dogs are messy like mine are, be sure to clean up any dropped food, or of course that will attract ants back to the area. My dear dog brings her morsels to me at the computer so we can share the special moments, and that is not appreciated. My cats don't do that, but will occasionally drop a little pet food.

The manufacturer suggests you be sure to place the bowl/bowls on a hard flat surface. There are more details, but you can read when yours arrive.

Now, in the event a small bug somehow manages to get in the bowl (hasn't happened to me yet), just wash the bowl in water that is very hot and sudsy, and that should eliminate the problem.

Warranty Information from Petco website:

If Fool-A-Bug fails to prevent infestation of your bowl by crawling insects whose length is 1/2" or less and/or slugs and snails whose length is 1 1/2" or less, and when used in accordance with Directions For Use; return your bowl with receipt to place of purchase within 120 days. Guarantee is limited to the refund of your purchase price.

My experience:

Okay, so I didn't believe this would work. . . I admit it. I had tried placing their bowls on top of bowls of water, and other tricks I was told worked. They didn't. I followed the instructions to a "t", but kept sneaking back to see if any ants were in the dishes. They weren't. It has been several days now, and nary an ant in the bowl. When a couple of morsels were dropped by one of the cats (no names mentioned of course to protect the guilty, I mean, innocent) and there were a couple of ants around those, but in the bowl? Nope. No ants. So no more wasted food. No more wasted money. My cats are well fed! Yay!

Summing up and recommendations:

I am sooooo excited by this product. It seems so simple, yet I had no idea they existed. I wish I had invented them myself. If you are having any problems with ants, fireants, slugs, or similar little bugs getting into your cat's or dog's food bowls, I think this is definitely the way to go. I am giving this wonderful product my highest recommendations, and five stars. If you are wondering about which size is best as I was, I opted for the small bowls for my cats, and they are perfect. I got my medium sized dog the jumbo, and that is simply a good sized dog bowl. If you have a huge dog you may wish to purchase the stainless steel. Where can you buy them? Online of course! Now, if anyone has a safe, sure-fire way to totally alleviate the ants outside and in the house. . . but for now I am happy with them away from my pet's food!

Thanks for reading!


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