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SudaCare Shower Soothers Vaporizing Shower Tablets

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Shower Soothers: Save Money and Burn a Scented Candle

Jul 31, 2006
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Pros:Concept is appealing; Scent is nice

Cons:They don't work

The Bottom Line: Shower Soothers are a useless product that do not accomplish what they claim.

Sinus congestion is an annoyance that afflicts almost everyone at some point during the year. Most people turn to sinus sprays, decongestant tablets, or saline to deal with the problem. Inhaling steam and other fragrances can also help, and one over the counter product that claims to relieve congestion using aromatic fumes is SudaCare Shower Soothers, a product manufactured by the same people who make Sudafed.

Facts About This Product:

Shower Soothers are round and flat, like a disc. Each one measures about 1.5 inches (38 mm) in width and one- half inch (13 mm) in thickness and is individually wrapped. They feature a blue/green color and they begin to dissolve quickly upon contact with water.

As they dissolve, Shower Soothers release the aromatic fragrances eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor. These vapors fill the shower with their unique scent, supposedly helping people with sinus problems or allergy problems by alleviating some of the congestion.

Directions for Use:

To use a Shower Soother tablet, remove from the individual package and place on the floor of the bath tub or shower. Then, start the flow of water making sure that it is aimed directly at the tablet at first. The shower head should then be aimed behind the tablet so that the water will flow toward the drain and pass over the tablet, keeping it activated. Once it is wet, the tablet will release its fragrances for the duration of the shower.


Shower Soothers are made with magnesium chloride, sodium carbonate, citric acid, calcium phosphate, dibasic fragrance, maltodextrin, polyethylene glycol 8000, topical starch, calcium silicate, silicon dioxide, fd&c blue #1 aluminum lake, and fd&c yellow #5 aluminum lake.

Final Thoughts:

Shower Soothers are a product made by Pfizer Corporation- the same company that produces the Sudafed line of sinus medicines. The manufacturer claims that these tablets help relieve congestion through the use of aromatic vapors. There is no claim that they completely open up the nasal passages, but they are supposed to provide some relief from common sinus problems related to colds, allergies, and the like.

I had never heard of Shower Soothers until I was at the store one day and noticed them in the sinus medicine section at the grocery store. I purchase sinus medication every now and then and I’m always looking for a new product to try. I was skeptical about these tablets because I couldn’t see how menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor vapors would make much difference in battling sinus problems. But the only way to know for sure was to buy a package and try them out.

Upon placing one of these on the shower floor, I started the water and waited for the big moment when my sinuses would start to feel clearer and I could breathe more freely. But no such moment ever came. The aroma from the combination of menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor vapors is pleasant and it certainly has a medicinal, herbal aura about it. But aside from the pleasant smell, there is nothing special about these tablets. They did absolutely nothing to make my sinuses feel clearer. The medicinal scent leads you to believe something good might happen, but nothing ever does. And when it comes to sinus problems, psychological advantages really don’t mean much.

As the water flowed and I breathed in the vapors, I wondered if I had done something wrong. I even pulled out the box and read the instructions one more time. But no, I did exactly what I was told to do. I then looked up Shower Soothers in the Epinions site (something I should have done before I made the purchase) and I noticed that other members had similar complaints: The tablets might smell nice and the concept might be a good one, but they fail at their intended purpose. They do nothing to eliminate sinus problems. The scent is too weak and there is nothing medicinal that can break down sinus congestion.

Each Shower Soother tablet lasts for one shower and possibly even a second. As the water runs, you will notice a steady stream of green colored liquid running from the tablet to your drain. The tablet dissolves away slowly in this manner, continuing to shrink in size until it is completely gone. If you’re the type who takes quick showers, this tablet will be good for another use because it stops dissolving as soon as the water stops flowing.

Shower Soothers are activated by water so they must be stored in a dry place. Each small box contains three tablets and sells for a price of about $4.79. There is also a larger, seven tablet box that sells for $9.00. This is a high price, and because of it I incorrectly assumed that these tablets just might work. For a cost of $1.60 per tablet, I expected at least a little bit of relief.

Overall, Shower Soothers are a useless product masquerading as medicine. If pleasant aromas are what you crave, light a scented candle and allow it to burn in the bathroom while you take your morning shower. The scent will be much better and you will save a good deal of money.

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