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Sunbeam RG12 Indoor Grill

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The Rocket Grill Rocks!

Feb 8, 2008
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Pros:No cleanup, fast grilling, reduced fat.

Cons:Great for one or two portions, tedious for more than that.

The Bottom Line: This is the only indoor grill that frees you from cleaning a greasy mess, and it does a great job cooking food fast while reducing fat content.

My wife & I have been fans of the George Foreman Grill for some time now, but we always hated the cleanup process. Since we really liked to be able to grill our favorite meats indoors with it during the cold New York winter months, we tolerated this one shortcoming.

Then I learned about the Rocket Grill, an appliance that lets you grill indoors with zero cleanup (not quite true, as explained below)! It uses two vertical grill plates that press together against whatever you are grilling. That's unique in itself, but the most unique feature is that it cooks food inside special parchment paper bags that allow fats, etc. to drip from the food, where they are captured in a small compartment in the bottom of the bags. When the food is done cooking, you simply remove the bag with your food in it from the grill, remove the food, then discard the bag along with all the fat. The grill plates themselves are left clean.

The reason there is not quite zero cleanup is because the cooking fumes leave a small amount of residue on the top cover, and occasionally you may find a tiny drip in the lower drip pan, although that has rarely ever happened for me. Both the cover and the drip pan are easily removed and cleaned with dish soap.

The grill cooks food fast, once you've completed the five-minute warm-up. It comes with a grill guide that stores in a handy compartment in the front of the grill itself, and I've found the cooking times in it to be pretty on the mark. To give you an idea, it cooks two 4 oz. hamburgers to medium doneness in 4-1/2 minutes, and the burgers taste great. Chicken fillets and steaks also cook nicely in the Rocket Grill.

The parchment bags are somewhat limited in capacity. The grill seems designed for folks who need to quickly cook one or two portions of food at a time. Cooking for more than two people will require staggering servings five minutes or more apart, depending on what is being cooked.

Some folks have expressed they feel the parchment bags are a bit pricey. I like avoiding the messy cleanup so much that I don't feel they are pricey at all. I consider it a small luxury that is worth the price.

We still keep old "George" around for cooking larger portions or larger steaks, but the Rocket Grill is our go-to grill for most winter grilling.

Sunbeam's Rocket Grill is fantastic!

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