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Sunbeam RG12 Indoor Grill

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Excellent Product for single people

May 4, 2008
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Pros:No cleanup, VERY fast cooking.

Cons:Small cooking portions, have to buy bags for it.

The Bottom Line: Buy this if you're looking to grill up to 2 servings at a time. Not for big families.

Overall this product is great, but it doesn't appear very popular due to clearance sales I'm seeing locally; it's okay, that means I got a great deal on mine.

Anyway, I just bought it out of curiosity and after using it only once, I was convinced that it was great. My first experience has been backed up by several great meals.

I'm not going to cover the mechanics of the device as other reviews have done so and anyone interested in it can read the box or any number of websites selling it. What I'm going to focus on is what you can't learn from the above sources:

First, all of the advertising that I've read on the box is true. It's easy to use, easy to clean up, cooks very quickly, and overall a great package. The food even has the pictured grill marks on it and is never dry unless you overcook it.

As others have stated, the bags don't hold very much (2 small servings) and they are not as big as they look because part of the bag is sectioned off to collect oil/grease. The other problem with the bag is that some foods, like delicate fish, can be difficult to pull out without dumping the "crud" at the bottom of the bag out on your plate too. Even with tongs, I had trouble pulling out a particularly delicate piece of Tilapia.

Cooking times on the included information card wheel appear to be pretty good for fish and pork, but I have yet to figure out how to cook a medium-rare steak. It has always been overdone, even when I cut back severely on the cooking time. I will just keep making cuts until I get it right. It is not as easy as a George Foreman grill to just cut into your meat to check it because you have to turn the timer to 0, wait for the grill plates to separate, pull your bag out, cut into your meat and look without dumping the grease out or back on your food, and put it back in if it's not ready.

That being said, now that I have this, the Foreman grill is being put out at the next garage sale.

One word of advice: Make SURE you understand how to use it before you use it. On my very first usage, I knew to preheat it, as per a flyer included in the box, but when I put my bag in the unit, it didn't occur to me to hook the flaps to the hooks...I just dropped it in the gap and it fell way too far down. I then had to carefully fish it out from between two scalding hot plates and secure it correctly, but then all was well.

When my girlfriend used it first, she preheated it, but instead of turning the timer to 0 to retract the plates, just opened the top. She put the bag in the gap behind the mobile plate. After the timer went off, the plates separated, squishing the food so it was unable to be pulled out and making a bit of a mess.

Now that we understand how it works and are learning correct timing to cook food, we are VERY SATISFIED with it.

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Amount Paid (US$): 12.48

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