Suncast 30 CU. FT. HORIZONTAL SHED (GS2000) Reviews
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Suncast 30 CU. FT. HORIZONTAL SHED (GS2000)

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Suncast Has Got My Cushions Covered!

Feb 11, 2008
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Pros:Great for storing things. Keeps items safe and dry. Holds up well over the years.

Cons:A bit heavy to lift...nothing really

The Bottom Line: Great for pool toys too!

Review of the Suncast Garden Shed (February 11, 2008)

Years ago, when we lived in our old house, we ran out of storage space at our smaller house. We have lots of stuff and keep getting more. At the time, we were not planning on moving any time soon, so we had to find ways to make things fit in the existing space that we had. I was at my brother’s house at a patio party when he was setting up. He had one of these Suncast Garden Sheds. He used it to put cushions and patio items in to keep dry and safe. What a great idea!

I found one just like his at Walmart for only $125 toward the end of fall. The box that it came in was way too heavy for me to lift by myself, so I asked for some store assistance. Some guys helped me load the unassembled storage shed into my pickup truck. Without a pickup truck, van, or car with the ability to push the seats down, I do not believe I would be able to get this storage shed home.

Assembly was relatively easy to do, although it did take some time. There were a lot of pieces to put together and you had to follow the written instructions closely. The parts are made almost entirely of plastic. Any steps taken out of proper sequence meant going back and disassembling the pieces. Most of the pieces snapped together. Very few tools were needed for assembly (I believe only a screwdriver?) I found it better to assemble the storage box close to where I was going to put it to ease moving it around.

Once assembled, I latched the two lower doors shut. I do not believe I will really ever need to use these, unless I need to clean it out some day. I use the top door to access the contents, and I have used it this way for years now.

Once we moved, I decided to take my storage shed with me. I initially decided to take it all apart, but when I told my moving buddies we needed to move it, they huffed it onto the truck in one piece. I did empty it before hand and I found a CD player boom box I was missing and that I thought had been stolen. What a find!

It has now been sitting in my new home for about 3 years. It looks the same way now as when it was new. A few times I went to open it and I found some rather nasty surprises: One was a group of yellow jackets decided to build a nest directly under the lid where I opened it. The other surprise was a wasps nest inside the storage shed. Both surprises were nothing more than startling and did not net me any stings.

There was no evidence of mice getting in the shed. Nor did any water get in. The contents were bone dry. Speaking of contents, I store all of my patio furniture cushions in this shed. These bulky items once took up a lot of room in my old tool shed, and often got in the way. The cushions would also often get soiled from being knocked around. In the Suncast shed, the cushions are neatly tucked away in a spot where they stay until I am ready to take them to play. (Hey! That rhymes!) The shed could be used for many other purposes: tools, gardening supplies, pool supplies, hobby supplies, crafts, etc. The shed measures roughly 3’ X 2’ X 5’ or about 30 cubic feet, which is a lot of space!

This company also makes a vertical storage shed. This would be good for long handled tools and other equipment that needs to be stored upright. With all the barn space I now have in my new place; I really do not need one of these. For this reason, I would suggest that these storage sheds are better suited for people who have limited storage space and need more.

I would highly recommend this shed to anyone looking to add more storage space to their yard. It is an outdoor storage shed, but I suppose it could also be used in a basement or outbuilding too. It has really held up nicely for me over the years and it has not cracked, faded, or filled up with water as plastic items often do. It is available in many garden centers, home centers, department stores, and of course over the internet. Thank you for reading my review and best wishes for a nice day!


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