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I Lost Weight From Far Infrared Heat And My Sunlighten Sauna

Oct 19, 2012 (Updated Oct 28, 2012)
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Pros:Everything possible you can think of!

Cons:Absolutely nothing

The Bottom Line: My Sauna from Sunlighten is the best investment I've ever made, in myself!

As I age, my body is not working as well as it did when I was in my twenties.  (Not that I am far off of course!).  As of late, I have taken several steps to work my way into a healthy body and lifestyle.  To be honest, I was getting fat and I was completely out of shape.  I had taken Tae Kwon Do for ages as many of my epinions friends probably know, however that sport left me with several broken bones, including a broken back, which still hurts.  I would sit home in pain, worry about my progressive weight gain, and think that my aches and pains were actually blood clots that were surely making their way to my heart… I was becoming a real hypochondriac.  I was annoying my husband and children and simply feeling awful about myself.

I decided that I would join Weight Watchers so that I could track my weight loss progressively, and I also decided to get moving with exercise.  Since July 11 I have lost almost 40 pounds. 

Before starting this journey, I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was extremely high.  Even though I was a technical hypochondriac, I still had serious medical issues due to my lack of activity and my ever growing butt.  My husband had gained weight as well, so we did some research to see what else would help.  We were thinking about getting a treadmill but to be honest, we had gone that route before and it didn’t work out so well.  We ended up using it as a drying rack.

A friend of mine started telling me about going to the spa in our neighbourhood and getting in some sort of sauna that burned 600 calories per visit.  She had lost almost 60 pounds after giving birth to her second child, and I was shocked at her weight loss, and so jealous.  I decided to go to the spa and try out the sauna treatment.  I had tried saunas in the past and I really expected some kind of stinky steam room where people sat half naked, while pouring water on the hot rocks.  I was in for a surprise.
I went for a 30 minute session and I was so impressed, I went again.  I bought a month of sauna treatments from the spa and then.. I loved it so much.. I bought my own!!  I am now going to quit rambling and tell you about this wonderful sauna from a company called Sunlighten.

I purchased the mPULSE Conquer sauna from Sunlighten.  My husband and I placed the sauna on our back deck, along with its cover.  The deck is officially awesome, and I wish I could attach a picture of it to share with everyone.  If anyone knows anything about saunas, they will find that the far infrared heat is the ‘thing’ these days.  Far infrared heat penetrates your body at the cellular level and creates what Sunlighten calls a ‘false fever.’  It didn’t really make sense to me at first, but when you think about it, people run fevers because their body is trying to rid itself from an infection.  The ‘false fever’ the sauna creates helps your body detoxify through your PROFUSE sweat. 

The mPULSE sauna has three different infrared heating technologies.  They use solo carbon heating technology and the mPULSE sauna is the only sauna in the world that offers the full spectrum of infrared therapy, far, mid and near.  The far infrared technology creates that false fever and helps you sweat out your toxins, penetrating at the cellular level.  The near infrared technology aids with your skin’s health.  The mid infrared technology helps with muscle aches and weight loss.  All three help with lowering blood pressure, and keeping the toxins out of your body to keep disease and illness away.  I was impressed that they were able to show me clinical data that proves the results and benefits that the sauna gives.

The sauna has a little LCD screen and you can pick whatever setting you want to work on.  You can also opt to set it for anything you might mike that isn’t on the list.  The buttons are as follows:

1)      Cardio
2)      Detoxification
3)      Pain Relief
4)      Relaxation
5)      Weight Loss
6)      Skin Health

I guess the sauna knows which level of infrared to use for all of these settings.  I almost always set mine to cardio or weight loss.  When I set it to cardio or weight loss, my heart rate increases and I sweat like crazy.  The unit has 11 solo carbon heaters, so the walls, ceiling, and floor emit heat.  When I get out, I feel rung out like I’ve just worked out.  I take a shower but it usually ‘doesn’t take’ the first time!!  I have learned to try and wait at least 10 minutes and take one a little later, but I normally keep sweating for about an hour after using my sauna.

My mPULSE Conquer is made of basswood.  I could have got it in cedar, but basswood doesn’t really have a smell to it.  I am not a big fan of the cedar smell and my husband is the person who ‘cannot have a scent.’  My husband commented on the quality of the wood and how thick it was for a sauna.  I love it.  It has no stain at all and it is a nice light wood colour.  The wood is extremely durable, unlike other saunas I’ve seen.

We had our sauna delivered.  It came in boxes, and it came in 6 pieces.  There are four walls, the top, and the bottom.  The front of it has the glass door.  The boxes were HEAVY.  We chose to assemble it ourselves.  Okay, I didn’t assemble it, my husband and his friend did.  It was fairly easy.  My husband calls it ‘tongue in groove’ assembly, and the walls are put together with magnets so that the wood doesn’t crack due to screws or nails or hinges.  They put it together on our back deck and I guess it probably took about two hours.  Everything is already assembled, you just click it together.  Sunlighten offered us a discount on assembly services but my husband wouldn’t hear of it, (typical man).  The delivery was free, which I was really shocked about because like I said, this thing is heavy.  I remember how much it cost to deliver our Gateway computer back in the day, so I was shocked with the whole free shipping deal.  Anyway- the point is the sauna comes together easily and we bought a cover for it, and it just sits on the sauna and protects it from the weather.  You can use the sauna while the cover is on, but it doesn’t look as pretty with the cover.

There were several options we got to choose with our sauna.  One of them was what Sunlighten calls SO Sound, which is a system in the sauna that sort of vibrates the wood while you sit in it.  You hear waves and sort of ‘gonging’ sounds (the best way I can describe it), and the wood vibrates and gives you a wonderful relaxing feeling.  It reminds me of when my kids were small and I used to put them in the car or even sometimes I put them on the dryer to calm them down.  It’s very soothing.  The cost of this added feature was part of the whole package, but I know it was discounted.

Another option we got was called ‘Chromotherapy’ which is a lighting therapy.  The lights glow different colours from the top of the sauna and apparently it’s supposed to be therapeutic, but personally I just think that it looks very pretty.  We also purchased something called the ‘Biofeedback’ which I LOVE!!

The Biofeedback is the best thing about the sauna in my opinion.  It’s probably not a big deal to most people but it sort of mirrors the weight watchers tracker.  It gives you a sensor for your shoes to measure steps you have taken, it gives you a heart rate monitor and a watch, and a drive that syncs to your PC with all of the information from the sauna.  It records your sessions and your calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, etc.  It’s awesome.  I go to a personalized web site called and it’s a lot like my personal web site from Weight Watcher’s, which tracks my activity and weight. 

There are really so many great things to say about this sauna so if you have questions, go ahead and leave comments or shoot me an email.  I want to share this wonderful wellness tool with everyone!  This is by far the best purchase I’ve ever made for myself. 

I normally go in the sauna with a towel around me and I usually try to do at least 45 minutes a day.  The results speak for themselves.  I walked into my friend’s house the other day and she said ‘My God, you look wonderful!!’  I attribute it to a better diet and the fact that my body has detoxified from this sauna.  I’ve heard people say that this sauna is wonderful for fibromyalgia, muscle pain, autism, and has been used as a holistic approach to curing cancer.  I have never heard a bad thing about this sauna.  We had one problem where our screen on the LCD inside the sauna wouldn’t reset and I call the customer service at Sunlighten and they were courteous and kind and help me fix the problem in about 2 minutes.  Our salesperson was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  She even checked in with us to see how we liked the sauna and to see if it was working for our specific health care needs.

The Bottom Line

So far I have lost 38 pounds.  My blood pressure has gone WAY down.  I feel more energetic and my back pain is GONE.  I get a workout when I can’t work out.  Oh, and the best part is, the seats just slide right out and I can do hot yoga on the floor of my sauna.  (I need to do more of this, I usually end up sleeping in it!).  I can’t say enough good things about this.
My husband has lost 25 pounds.  He has changed nothing about his diet.  He simply sweats out fat every day.  He is feeling good, and his skin has really improved.

My son who plays football uses this sauna about three times a week.  He gets in it after practices and games and the sauna soothes his muscle pain.  He’s a lineman so he’s always in pain!  He says it’s  helped his pain.  This is a kid who won’t even take an ibuprofen, but the sauna seems to have helped his ever aching knees and back.

For anyone wanting to know, the dimensions are 70.6 width, 47.6 depth, 76.6 height, and it uses a 240 V 20 A dedicated circuit.  (They say that most of the saunas can plug right into your wall, but we wanted a bigger one.)  This sauna sits three people comfortably.  You can find out more about these saunas at  I think their prices start under $2000.  A really important feature to us, is that our Sunlighten sauna has a lifetime warranty!

Our total price for this Sauna was $5,989, which was a sale price.  The regular price was over $8000.  I would think they would run some sort of holiday sale soon, but I am not certain.

I highly recommend this for anyone who needs pain relief, anyone who is sick, or anyone who is trying to lose weight.  What a beautiful, amazing new addition to our home and lives!

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