Super Concorde Shallow Face Driver and Fairway Woods with Integra Graphite Shaft Golf Club

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Obsolescent But Still Viable

Aug 4, 2009 (Updated Aug 6, 2009)
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Pros:Competent Distance, Above Average Value, Decent Workability, Versatility

Cons:Obsolescent design, and the usual stock shaft, though decent, is really pretty average.

The Bottom Line: Though obsolescent, this design remains viable, versatile, and inexpensive. A good overall value.

If you've watched any Nationwide Tour Golf Tournaments over the past two years, you've probably heard the slogan and seen the ads---"Nickent--King of Hybrids." Long before Nickent became a player in the "Big Boys" golf club arena, they were a component club maker that achieved world reknown for their quality components. This particular design--"The Super Concorde" went on to become the largest selling fairway wood of all time. The head took the best parts of The Orlimar Tri-Metal and the Adams Air Assault designs and combined them into a highly effective--super hot fairway metal head, and the best part was how inexpensive it was. Joe six pack could go out and re-tool his bag for nothing, and at one point these crazy things were even available in 11 and 13 wood models. (As it is, it's  one of the only models that still offers a 9 wood.) These clubs were so impressive upon their initial release that Callaway Golf awarded Nickent the contract to make the castings for Callaway Irons.

Is this 10+ year old design still viable? Well in a word--yes. I don't see them running neck and neck with the Tour Edge Exotics or Advanced Golf Technology Corps. record holding 3 woods, but the fact of the matter is--they still hold their own against fairway metals that cost 3X as much. The faces are still hot, the distance is still there, and they remain just as workable as ever. I used to have a Super Concorde7 Wood with a Harrison Shaft in my bag. It was the very first club I learned to work both left and right from almost any lie. It was always the easiest club in my bag to hit, and it was my rescue club long before Adams and Nickent resurrected The Hybrid Club from relative obscurity. These clubs remain both versatile and inexpensive as well as more than just competent in the distance department.

Currently you can get one these with a fairly decent shaft for under $70. That still rates as a real bargain in today's marketplace. I can't in all honesty recommend the driver, as, due to the advances in technology over the past 10+ years, it is past obsolescent and well on the back side of obsolete. The fairway woods, however, remain more than viable--especially at these prices. I actually hit a 5 Wood of this make and model the other day and though it wasn't quite as long as my current model---it was easy to hit, easy to work, and very accurate. The strong 3, regular 3, 5,7,and 9 wood models all receive a solid four star rating from me.

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