Sutter Home Moscato

Mar 27, 2009
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Pros:nice flavor. nice feel. an easy wine to like


The Bottom Line: A wine both I and my friends who know more than I do like

I'm not a big wine drinker. I understand that alcohol is one of the best carriers of flavor and that drinking wine with a meal will help to accentuate flavors. The right wine can certainly enhance a dish. That said, I simply never studied wines enough or drank enough to figure out what I should be buying. Besides, there are other things I like to drink more than wine.

Even with my limited background, I know that Sutter Home Winery has been producing reasonably priced, quality wines for more than half a century. I recently got to try their Moscato.Moscato is the Italian name for Muscat. The muscat grapes Sutter Home uses are grown in the area around Madera and Fresno in California's Central Valley.

Sutter Home's Moscato has a heavy aroma. In it, you can smell peaches and roses and some other indefinable fruity qualities. It tastes a bit of honeydew melon and a bit of peach. That sounds overly sweet, but it's not. There is a nice acidity to cut the sweetness. This wine feels pleasant in the mouth. Unlike some sweet wines, I don't feel as though someone has coated my tongue in syrup.

Moscato is meant as a dessert wine. It's great with fresh fruit. I especially like it with pears or apples. I like it with spicy cookies like ginger snaps. It's also good with cheese. Silly as it may seem, if I'm not drinking this with dessert, I've been known to drink a glass along with a grilled cheese sandwich.

I may never have a great reputation where wine is concerned, but every so often I will find something I like and that I can bring as a gift without my friends laughing at me. Sutter Home Moscato has proven to be a wine I like to drink that my friends who are more informed wine drinkers like, too.

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