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Swarm Extreme Energizer: Ephedra Free Energy But For Casual Use Only

Oct 30, 2009
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Pros:Works if used occasionally, ephedra free, inexpensive.

Cons:Non-effective if used on a regular basis.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a good energy kick but loathe drinks like Red Bull, Swarm from NVE is a decent pick.

I have been using various NVE products for years and most of them have given me great results. When I saw the newest version of Swarm Extreme Energizer I wanted to try it to see if it worked as well as my friends claimed. I knew that it was primarily used as an energy enhancer and not a fat burner but the ingredients in it are commonly added to weight loss pills and capsules. Green tea extract, yerba mater, guarana and kola nut are all ingredients that will help boost your energy levels but if you take them on a regular basis they aren't going to be all that effective as your body will build up a tolerance to it. The Swarm Extreme Energizer is a great product if you only use it on a casual basis, if you use it more than a couple times a week you aren't going to get the same kick from it that you would if you used it once a week or even less frequently than that.

This comes in a twenty count bottle as well as a blister pack of four capsules. I started out with the blister pack to try it out to see if I liked it and I was impressed with it but as I suspected, taking it back to back throughout the day left me so drained that my nap turned into a full nights sleep. That's one of the biggest drawbacks to energy enhancers; essentially you are revving up your body and depleting your energy supply. That can lead to a huge crash later in the day so make sure that you don't have anything else planned. These last about six hours before you start to feel it wearing off but I didn’t have any jitters from it. Some of the guys at the gym take these before lifting and top it off with a Rock Star or Red Bull but they pay a hefty price about four hours later. They usually lift, go home, eat, take a shower and pass out so in their case it's not a big deal but if you have other things to do you might want to skip taking this with an energy drink. Likewise, if you are sensitive to energy enhancers or things that are caffeinated you will want to skip taking Swarm. While this isn’t labeled that it contains caffeine the ingredients in it mimic the effects of caffeine.

Like almost all other energy enhancers that can be purchased over the counter, it hasn't been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration so the claims that they make about it could be slightly inflated. I have taken a lot of fat burners, energy enhancers and weight loss products so have a pretty good understanding of ingredients and how they are going to work for me. The green tea extract and yerba mate usually work great for some extra energy and in the case of Swarm Extreme Energizer the added kola nut and guarana give it a little extra spike. If you haven't taken energy enhancers before I would stick with one capsule to start with, taking two might be way too much and you could have some side effects from it. What kind of side effects? Profuse sweating, increased heart rate, jitters and shaking and frequent urination. You may not experience all of those side effects but they are possible. Common sense should tell you that if you are pregnant or nursing you shouldn't take this product. If you have caffeine sensitivity, heart issues, kidney problems or any other ongoing medical ailments you should not take this unless your doctors clears it.

The four count blister packs are easier to find than the bottles; the average price on the blister packs is about two dollars with the bottles of twenty selling for about five dollars. This isn't something that I take all the time because I know that my body will get too used to it, the most I take it is once a week. The blister pack is nice to have in my backpack if I am out and about and know that I have a couple more hours of work to do. I also realize that by taking Swarm Extreme Energizer that there is a huge possibility that it is going to end up screwing up the latter part of my evening. I really can't stress this enough, if you take this more than a couple times a week it is going to drastically decrease its effectiveness. Taking more than two at a time couple result in some serious side effects that I previously mentioned, above and beyond that you are throwing your money out the window because you are going to end up crashing so hard that you are going to regret taking more than the recommended dose.

Products like this are readily available and that means that they could be abused by anyone that has money to buy them. Some stores restrict the sale of these to those ages eighteen and older, some stores don't. Because the FDA has no control over products like this abuse happens and there have been deaths from products that contain ephedra and ephedrine as well as those that are free of those two ingredients. Sadly, it was the abuse of ephedra containing products that led to a ban of it. Use your brain when using products like Swarm Extreme Energizer and you shouldn't have any problems but if you notice any side effects from it, stop using it.

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