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Swingline 87875 Optima 70 Desktop Stapler

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Acco Corporation's Swingline Optima 70 Desktop Stapler

Nov 5, 2009
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Pros:hefty, quiet, will staple multiple pages

Cons:broken spring after using for 5 booklets

The Bottom Line: Manufacturer's  warranty may or may not replace the stapler, I have not attempted to use the warranty.  

I  doubt a replacement stapler would prove to be any more long-lasting.

Acco Corporation's Swingline Optima 70 ® Desktop Stapler having 70 Sheet Capacity is an attractive device offered in Silver, Orange and Black. The Swingline Optima Desktop Stapler is designed to provide durable metal construction featuring a 2.5 inch throat depth in addition to soft grip surfaces. The metal construction seems durable, the throat depth is adequate for my purpose, the soft grip surfaces are comfy for my small, arthritic hands.

The hefty, ergonomic design of this particular stapler caught my eye, with the broad base, easy to use slide in paper platform and hefty lever action the stapler appears as a well planned, nicely executed device. It did indeed take a minimum of exertion to operate. The ergonomic formation, plus the soft grips appeared to be robust, functional and clever. I thought the metal construction as opposed to plastic that I am finding used so often now would provide durability and service.

Among the features listed for this stapler I found claims that the device would quietly staple documents from 2 to 70 sheets using standard-size staples, plus the stapling would be accomplished using up to half the effort for accomplishing the task than is expended when using a conventional stapler.  Correct on both counts.

Optima 70 Desk Stapler combines jam-free flat clinch technology and 70-sheet capacity. The innovative full staple strip quickload TM magazine system allows strips of 210 staples to be quickly and easily loaded at the front of the stapler. I found the magazine release does simplify staple loading; or did the one and only time I loaded it. Even with the arthritis in my hands the release button found at the rear of the stapler was not difficult for me to maneuver.

Because the Optima 70 Desk Stapler is designed so that it will not jam when Swingline or Optima Premium Staples are used for filling the implement I bought a small metal container of Optima staples. I like the staples and the container both.

I was drawn to the promises put forth regarding the stapler. I have arthritis in my hands, using standard type staplers is becoming more difficult; they are more narrow across the top surface, and require more push than needed with the Optima 70.

My first problem using the device began as I attempted to open the exceedingly durable packaging. There is no way to pry the top and bottom plastic holding the stapler in the packaging apart. I resorted to a pair of scissors, cut a slash, attempted to pry the plastic apart and finally resorted to handing the stapler, still snugly encased in a super quality plastic to Husband. After a bit of effort the stapler was freed.

The stapler is advertised as needing up to 50% less effort for usage than are traditional staplers at every sheet count. It was easy to use; slide in papers, push down on lever and staples are driven through the pages.

The device, purchased from Staples, is promised to offer jam-free usage guaranteed so long as Swingline or Optima Premium staples are utilized; my single stapling episode using the Optima 70 Desk Stapler was jam free until the device stopped working at booklet 5. The booklet itself was 73 pages stapled as 2 units of 36 and 37 pages; less than 40 pages and should have presented no undue stress for a device designed to staple across 70 pages.

I bought this stapler because I needed a machine to staple 40 + pages for small booklets used by Osage County First Grade AND because I hoped the stapler would be easy for my arthritic hands to manipulate. It worked like a charm for putting together the first 5 booklets. However, I had hoped to get at least one year of multiple booklet usage and DRAT, the Optima 70 has a broken spring.

Stapling action is such that the staples themselves do not feature the old time Swingline bent toward the paper on the back of documents, rather the staple is folded to lie flat on the back of documents using a flat clinch technology.

The flat clinch technology needs work; I found on the few booklets I actually was able to produce the staples present a hazard for Little Learner hands. The flat clinch is not as clinch or as flat as might be, Little Persons, and adults too often slide a finger along the back of documents to check that the staple is in place. I placed a strip of clear tape over the exposed, not quite flat staples on the back of the documents.

The leverage system built into the machine did make this stapler work so much easier for me during the fabricating of the first little booklets. I'm just sorry that it is not usable so soon.

I cannot recommend Acco Corporation's Swingline Optima 70 ® Desktop Stapler.

On the other hand I also purchased Acco Corporation's Swingline Optima 40 ® Desktop Stapler and it is proving to be an absolute work horse. Review of the Optima 40 follows.

Note: Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty may or may not replace the stapler, I have not attempted to use the warranty.  

The stapler says it is made in China, the spring itself has proven to be much as other gizmos ie nails, screws and the like being imported at this time from China; they are not durable. 

I have doubt that a replacement stapler would prove to be any more long-lasting than has been this particular unit.
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From Internet search including the ACCO site: ACCO Brands Corporation Products include Swingline, Kensington, Quartet, Wilson Jones, GBC, DayTimer, Swingline is a division of ACCO Brands that specializes in manufacturing staplers and hole punches. The company was formerly located in Long Island City, Queens, New York, United States, but is now headquartered with its parent company ACCO in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Swingline was founded as the Parrot Speed Fastener Company in 1925 in New York City by Jack Linsky, and opened its first manufacturing facility in Long Island City in 1931. In 1939, the company changed its name to Speed Products, and in 1956, became Swingline. It became a division of ACCO Brands which was then a division of Fortune Brands in 1987. The factory name, Swingline, was a large iconic sign on top of the Queens building.

In the late 1990s, Swingline shut down production in Long Island City, New York, and moved the production of premium staplers and staples to Mexico and began production of economy plastic staplers in China. As of 2009, the all-metal 747 Classic stapler was produced in China.

ACCO Brands Corporation's roots stretch back more than a century. Over the years, ACCO brands have consistently been guided by a spirit of innovation and a commitment to delivering superior, cutting-edge products for our customers. This has enabled ACCO to flourish and grow in a continually evolving office products environment.

ACCO Brands Corporation became an independent publicly traded company on August 17, 2005. The Company was formed through the spin-off of the ACCO World office products unit of Fortune Brands and its subsequent merger with General Binding Corporation.
This transaction brought together the complementary businesses, brands and strengths of ACCO and GBC to form the world's largest supplier of branded office products - a global office products powerhouse. As a highly focused office products company, ACCO is now uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities for growth in our industry.

ACCO Brands Corporation is one of the world's largest suppliers of office products, with annual
revenues of nearly $2 billion. ACCO Brands markets products in over 100 countries through its own sales force and distribution networks. We're proud of our long history of industry leadership and innovation, and we're focused on delivering exceptional value for our shareholders and customers by providing unique, leading-edge, branded office products.

Corporate Headquarters
300 Tower Parkway
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

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