Versatile player but cumbersome harness

Sep 16, 2011
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Pros:Long batery life, good picture quality, two screens

Cons:Terrible car harness, cheap case

The Bottom Line: It is a very good choice depending on your use and needs. 

I was looking for a portable dvd player to use in long car rides for three kids. In order to satisfy three of them, I had a choice of getting a player with a big screen or a player that has two screens. After looking around for awhile, I decided on Sylvania SDVD8732 because the price (around $100) was about right. I have used it many times over last two months and here is my take on it.

1. Versatile formats that could be played. It has a USB slot as well as a SD card slot. So in addition to standard DVDs, it could play any avi files stores in a USB memory stick or SD card. I put Veggies Tales and Toy Story movies on 2G SD card so that I would have many movies ready at any time.
2. Battery life is good. Once fully charged, it does play for about 6 hours as claimed.
3. It is very lightweight. Weight of one device is about 1 lb so that my 3 year old son could hold it and watch for a while.
 4. Picture quality is good. 
5. Double screens work well. Each screen has a separate volume control. They are separated by a 3' long cable.
6. Main dvd player can be used by itself without any attachments.

Although it does have many goods, it also has some quirks that could be cumbersome.

1. Harness for putting them up on the car seats is terrible. It uses velcro for tightening the dvd player as well as for tightening onto a car seat. They can be tangled easily. But once you have set them up, they do hold the device securely. But the problems arises once they are set up. You cannot open the dvd player to load another dvd. The harness is set up such that they are blocking the dvd door. USB port and SD card slot are accessible. And so we ended up using SD card more once they are set up.
2. DVD door to load the dvd is hard to open up. There is a latch on top that needs to be slided to open it up. But there might be a problem with spring action with the door so that you would need long finger nails to pry it open.
3. Main dvd player needs to be connected to a power source for the second auxiliary player to work. If the main dvd player is using batter, the second one would not power up.
4. Carry case that comes with the player is a very low quality one. It broke in less than a month of use.

The player comes with two dvd players (one main player and an auxiliary player) home charger, car charger, two headphones, a carry case, a wire to connecting two players. Second player cannot play anything on its own. It is basically an extended screen for the main one.

Overall even with its quirks, I am satisfied with the player because of its versatility to play memory stick, SD card, and DVD's and a long battery life.  

This player is a good choice if you want to set it up permanently in a car and use primarily for movies on SD cards or memory sticks. It can also be a good choice for people who don't card to set it up in a car but use it by holding the players or in non-automobile settings.

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