Targus Notepac Carrying Case

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Targus and Anna Nicole

Jul 31, 2006 (Updated Aug 1, 2006)
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Pros:Looks good. Protects. Not too pricey.

Cons:The velcro is loud. Don't open in a quiet place.

The Bottom Line: I like this case. It's one that should be considered before spending more.

Shivering a little because of the frieze above, he opened the front flap of his black Targus, the startlingly strident sound of separated Velcro resounding in the cavernous chambers. He flinched in response as he always did and pulled his favorite Parker pen from the middle penholder. They were elastic so the pen fit snugly. Holding and turning it in his large hand, he admired the flecked acrylic and the gold and silver trim.
On the other side of the case was a large pocket for papers to be accessed quickly. Mercifully the Velcro crackling was quieter as he pulled out the transcripts from yesterday’s proceedings for a quick review.

Then Justice Kalla opened the main compartment of the professional, almost judicial looking Targus. It opened not silently but more quietly with two sturdy zippers traveling all the way to the bottom of the case. He flipped through some docket listings and assignment print outs within before pulling out a thick bundle of briefs. A separate interior pocket was stuffed with some Playboy picture spreads, and numerous additional photos of the petitioner, Anna Nicole Smith-Marshall in various stages of undress. These will have to be “redressed” later; he chuckled to himself at this little bit of Supreme Court humor.

FACT OR FICTION? Fiction, of course. The Targus Notepac is stylish and thoughtfully designed with compartments of sundry size and function, but it is a notebook case, not a federal case.

A week or so after purchasing my first notebook computer I decided it was time to purchase my first notebook case. The notebook won’t leave Spud Acres often, but I wanted a better place to store it than the top of my dresser from which it might have a Humpty Dumpty-ish fall to my everlasting regret. My criteria were price, proper size, price, compartments for power cord and mouse, price, appearance, price, and quality construction. Price was also a consideration. After minimal searching I decided on the Targus 200 edition notebook case. The price was right but while clicking about I see that I could have bought it cheaper online. Darn! Darn! Darn!

What it Is

This Targus notepac measures about 15.75 by 5 by 14.5 inches and weighs 2.65 pounds. Its black polyester exterior appears rugged and wipes clean easily. It rests on nonskid oblong rubber feet to protect it from dirty or wet surfaces. A reinforced, cushioned handle is riveted to the case adding comfort for the user and security for the notebook. The handle has the appearance and feel of leather but it’s probably just a great simulation.
The front, full size pocket bears the Targus name on a classy metal plate. The pocket is securely fastened with a full width Velcro strip and is wide and deep enough to easily hold one’s 15.4-inch notebook. Storing it there, however, forgoes the padded security of the interior. Inside this pocket is a slot with clear plastic widow to display one’s name and address if desired. On the back I discovered that mine was inspected by 199. Good job, Inspector 199. Also in this pocket is a key clip, three elastic pen/pencil holders, and a deep pocket that could hold a cell phone, airline tickets, or calculator. Sturdy nickel rings on both ends secure a cushioned detachable shoulder strap.

On the back of the case is a second exterior pocket secured by a two-inch strip of Velcro. Additional documents or legal pads could be stored here. Also on the back is a Velcro secured luggage strap to transport the case on rolling luggage.

Using the two smooth-operating nylon zippers accesses the interior. The protective, padded, interior compartment holds one’s laptop securely with a strong Velcro strap. A second removable padded strap separates the laptop from a stored power cord. Inside one finds yet another document sleeve, scratch-resistant CD/DVD sleeves, and pockets for media, or mobile accessories.

Closing Remarks

The Targus case closes easily using the two efficient zippers. They mesh perfectly together when in the closed position and the corresponding metal loops in each may be secured with a lock of some sort.

A Targus limited lifetime warranty is included with this notebook case.
To ensure coverage, the owner should register his/her notebook at the Targus site.
Mine had a loose strand of thread at the bottom, a minor incident for which I will not file a claim. Sorry about that, 199.

The interior of the case is just large enough to hold my 15.4-inch notebook, rendering the padded separator useless. With a smaller diameter notebook, one could lay the notebook and power cord side by side, divided by the separator. I use the strap as added security, but eventually I’ll ditch it because it can be a nuisance to unfasten two straps to unload my laptop.

I am pleased by the looks, function and protection of this Targus Notepac OCN1. You could pay more to get something bigger and fancier, but one with modest tastes and needs should be more than satisfied with the Targus 200 series.

This Epinion is now adjourned.

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