Bissel is a Horrible Company

Feb 1, 2012
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Pros: This is a good deep cleaning machine for stains.

Cons: Vacumn repair places cannot get the parts for this model at all.

The Bottom Line: I recommend to not call Bissel for replacement model. You will get a used machine that does not work.

I got this steam machine sweeper as a gift for my 47th birthday and my mom paid cash. The sweeper quit working the first week of October of 2011. I took it to a sweeper place that had been in business here in Portland since 1987 and they had it 4 months and still was not fixed. They never called and told me that it could not be fixed or that they could not order the parts for it. It quit sucking up the suds. I called Bissell and got them involved thinking it would do some good and it did not. They sent me a green machine that did not work and was used and refurbished according to the brocure in the box. I trouble shooted with them on the telephone last night 1/31/2012 and it did not work. They sent me a label to send it back to them through Fed x. They claim this new sweeper will not be used and will work but do not trust them. I feel they think I broke this sweeper and I did not. I have used every time the correct soap and spent alot of money for green machine soap. I feel this next sweeper will still be bad because they feel I caused this fiasco when I did not. That is why this next sweeper they are sending I know will not work either. I cannot believe they have done this to a good customer and is blaming me for something I never did. It took me two calls to get to Larry who helped me because two other representives hung up on me and were unprofessional.

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