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Oct 16, 2002 (Updated Oct 16, 2002)
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Pros:Easy storage, long power cord, great suction gets up most of the water

Cons:Buttons located in awkward places

The Bottom Line: Highly recommend this machine for cleaning small places like cars/furniture. You wouldn't want to clean a whole room of carpet with this but for spills the suction feature works great!

I purchased the Little Green Proheat Turbo model 14251 to steam clean my husband's SUV. It smelled very badly of cigarette smoke and I am happy to say that the smell is totally gone after using this machine on the carpet, seats, and ceiling. It took me about 4 tanks full to do the entire full size SUV. The instructions say that you must use the Bissell brand formula cleaner in the machine or you could damage the machine. I picked up a 32oz bottle at Wal-Mart for under $4.00.

To use the machine you must fill the solution tank with 8 oz of cleaner and the rest water (there is a marker on the tank to let you know where 8oz is). If you want to use the heated water option you need to turn on the power button and then the heater switch - a red light will indicate when the water is heated. I filled mine with hot water and found this to take about a minute. My machine came with the turbo brush and I would highly recommend getting this. It has a switch to change from rotating brush for cleaning to suction for removing the dirt and cleaning solution. Also included is a tough stain brush, this is the only brush that is included on the standard unit. I found that I did not use this very much, when I did, I didn't connect it to the hose but rather used it alone just for deep scrubbing. I also should mention that the spray trigger is located directly on the hose and can be used with the brush or no attachment at all. I found that for getting in small areas I would take off the brush to spray the solution. The brush makes it go in all directions, without it you get a straight stream. This machine did get most of the stains out with minimal effort but not much more than if I had some carpet cleaner and a scrub brush. The real benefit to me is the suction feature which pulls up almost all of the water. In less than one day our entire SUV was dry. When you are all done the collection tank just pops out and you pour out the dirty water.

The storage features on this machine are great. There is a place for everything including the hose which wraps around the machine and is held in place in the back. The cord is extra long and has a quick release cord wrap.

I did find a couple minor inconveniences with this machine. First of all the switch for brush/suction is right on top of the turbo brush and I found that if I held the brush on the top, when bringing it back and forth the switch would move. When I held it from the bottom, (the solution trigger is here) I would sometimes spray solution while using the suction feature.

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