TP-LINK Technologies  (TL-SG1008D) 8-Ports External Switch Reviews
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TP-LINK Technologies (TL-SG1008D) 8-Ports External Switch

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An Inexpensive Energy Efficient Fast Eight Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Aug 5, 2011 (Updated Aug 5, 2011)
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Pros:Extremely fast plus energy efficient much more secure then Wi-Fi.


The Bottom Line: Much more difficult to install than using Wi-Fi but performs so much better and much more secure. The difficulty lies in running ethernet cables and not being portable.

This is my review of the unmanaged TP-Link TL-SG1008D eight port gigabit ethernet switch, and happy to report that I'm extremely happy with its performance. In a way, it's really basically working as seven outlet ports which serves seven devices with one of the port serving as an uplink. In my case, the uplink is to my router. This device doesn't do any routing functions, in other words it does not hand out IP addresses. Being a unmanaged switch, there's no web GUI interface. Being a simple switch it also boots up almost instantly when connected to AC power. This device also is very energy efficient and will power down any port not in use to conserve electricity. I've noticed that it also runs extremely cool to touch, this apply to both the unit and AC adapter. This gigabit switch can also be used behind a single port DSL modem/router to provide seven ports for your wired gigabit network in place of a wireless router if Wi-Fi is not desired.

 It's always more desirable to use an ethernet switch over a hub because a hub transmit data to every single port on the device which slows down file transfer immensely. An ethernet switch only directs the data packets to the desire port on the network based on MAC address. An ethernet hub is much cheaper and offers inferior performance in comparison. The way this device work is by storing and forwarding of data packets. It stores data packets temporarily on its internal memory and then forward it to the desire device with the correct Mac address. It then purge its internal memory immediately so it will be able to store new data.

I purchased this product to use for connecting my three computers in the basement which replace Wi-Fi. I've ran a CAT 6 cable from my gigabit enable router upstairs down to the basement near my computers to the switch and then ran three ethernet cables to the computers. From the output I ran another cable back up stair to serve as a spare port near the router. In the future, I am planning to run another cable from the switch to serve the internet-enabled TV in the kitchen up stair. Using this setup, I'm getting at least several hundred consistent mbps in bandwidth which is much better than what I was getting using Wi-Fi which was at best only up to 170 mbps. The problem with Wi-Fi is that bandwidth is shared with the neighbors on the same frequency band when you're in close proximity. The 2.4 Wi-Fi band only contains three clear nonoverlapping channels and they are channel 1, channel 6 and channel 11. In my case, I was able to detect more than 15 Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity of my home. My next-door neighbor has two networks running simultaneously less than 10 feet away from my router with one of them right over my signal. The remaining channel spot is taken by my upstairs neighbor.

Using this setup, my network performance is vastly improved especially for videos. For web browsing, the speed performance is negligible. The noticeable improvement shows up on saving files to my NAS or other computers on my network. Using wired instead of wireless, security is vastly improved.

I will update this review in the future as I learn more and have more experience with this product.

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