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An Asset to My Cooking Tools

Oct 18, 2011
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Pros:lots of pieces, nice sizes, decent quality

Cons:not quite as heavy-duty as I had hoped

The Bottom Line: This set has replaced my older set and I am pretty happy with it overall.

I purchased this set on sale on Black Friday of this past year.  I needed new cookware after a few of my older pots started breaking apart (mostly the handles breaking off).  I had searched around and found this set to be a good deal.  I really liked the T-fal name so that was a selling point as well.

The Set:
The T-fal Inspirations Red Cookware Set came with the pots, pans, and lids but it also came with some bonus cooking/serving pieces.  This is what it includes:
7 inch frying pan
8 inch frying pan
9.5 inch covered sauté pan
1 quart covered saucepan
2 quart covered saucepan
3 quart covered saucepan
5 quart covered Dutch oven
4.5 inch “one egg wonder” fry pan
Slotted spoon
Slotted spatula
Spaghetti fork

Some features
I had decided that when buying new cookware, I didn’t want to spend too much money but I also didn’t want anything too cheap either.  I wanted pans that were non-stick.  The T-fal Inspirations Red Cookware set fit my needs as I got it on a very good sale on Black Friday  The box claims that both the interior and exterior are non-stick, I am not so sure.  The interior definitely is but the outside is not so much so.  Still, overall, this is not too big of a problem for me as (most of the time) my food stays IN the pot!

In addition, these pots have glass lids with a  plastic handle that does not get hot when cooking.  There is also a small vent hold in each lid which allows steam to escape and your pot lids don’t rattle around when cooking.  The pots claim that they are oven-proof up to 350 degrees.  I have not tried this feature as I don’t usually have a need to put my pots in the oven.  They are dishwasher safe and I have done this though more often than not, I hand wash as I think that they will last longer this way. 

The nylon utensils that come with this set are on the small side.  The handles are not as long as some of the other cooking utensils I already own. Overall, this is not a problem for me but my daughter does not like them as she feels that her hand is too close to the pot when she stirs with them.  The nylon utensils are great because they do not scratch the non-stick surface of the pans when they are used.

My Experiences
At this point, I have used all the different pots and utensils in the set.   Some are more used than others in my house.  The 3 quart saucepan is a popular one as is the 5 quart Dutch oven.  Each of those has been used several times a week for the past two months and they still look brand new with no scratches. 

The pots do seem a bit lighter-weight than I had expected.  So far, this has not been a problem and I don’t think it really will be one.  They do seem to be a decent quality and, unlike another set that I had previously, the handles seem to be attached securely. The food seems to heat evenly in all parts of the pan.  The lids are clear and it is nice to be able to see what’s cooking inside.  I like that the handle on top does not get hot even when the glass gets hot and I like that there is a little steam hole in each lid.

I laughed at the “one egg wonder” pan but I have actually used it.  I needed to sauté a quarter cup of onion and this pan was just the right size to do the job.  It did look a little silly even on my smallest burner but it did the job!  Still, I doubt it will get a lot of use in my house as I don’t often have such small amounts to cook.

I do like this T-fal Inspirations Red 20-pc Nonstick Aluminum Cookware Set  and I would recommend them to others.  I think that they are well made and I think that they will hold up for quite a while.  My pots get a lot of use and I know I will get a lot of use out of these.  The set is a good, moderately priced set of cookware.

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