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Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La...Po...

Sep 6, 2005 (Updated Sep 6, 2005)
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Pros:The teletubbies are for babies everywhere...

Cons:none, except the fact that our children outgrow them all too soon...

The Bottom Line: This is a toy that babies who love the Teletubbies will surely enjoy.

I could not resist writing about Tinky Winky. Tinky Winky seems like such an appropriate review today, on this the very day that my six year old started first grade.

His first birthday was filled with Tinky Winky. My little fellow loved the Teletubbies. He loved the little sun with its shining face filled with laughter. He loved the carousel horse that came from the sky and he smiled and danced the teletubby dance until he was five years old.

On his birthday when he was only one, we purchased the talking teletubby Tinky Winky. I bought it at Kaybee toys. I remember the day that we picked it out. How excited we were to give it to my baby. We brought it home and wrapped it. The whole family sat on the floor in our living room and unwrapped it with my one year old. It took all of us to get Tinky Winky out of the box, he was tied in tight. But the baby was patient, and he squealed in delight and loved it from that moment on.
Tinky Winky was more than that purple teletubby that carried a pocket book. While critics were wondering if Tinky Winky was gay or straight, and making fun of him for carrying a pocketbook, and asking if perhaps he might be a she, my son was simply happy. He was oblivious to the scandalous reports that were circulating about the Teletubbies. He loved them and to me that was all that mattered. The teletubbies were made for babies...and he was a baby and they filled his little life with a lot of joyful moments. He would watch the teletubbies on television and smile and laugh. He would stop everything he was doing to see the teletubbies.

My children, all three of them, will tell you today if you ask them that they think the teletubbies are absolutely silly. But, I remember when all three of them stood in my living room dancing the teletubby dance. Each of them holding their favorite teletubby. The baby holding tight to Talking Tinky Winky. The top of his head has a perfect handle for a little baby hand. My son could drag Tinky Winky along with him everywhere he went. I do not think that the alienlike appendage that is on Tinky Winky's head is meant to be a handle, but that is truly what it became with my son.

The teletubbies were the catalyst that caused my three children to play together for the first time. Far apart in age, my daughter at 8 and my baby at 2 would dance together. While my baby had Tinky Winky my daughter had Dipsy and my middle son carried around Po, the red one that rode the scooter.

Tinky Winky was a hit that first birthday. He twinkled and lit up and made sounds just like on the television show. He was soft and cuddly and my baby carried him with him everywhere he went. He slept with him, sucked on his arms and legs and loved him to pieces. I would wash him with a baby wipe to keep him clean, along with the baby and the two were good to go.

The photograph album is filled with the pictures of that first birthday in 2000. It took place here at my house, a month before my Dad died and my house was filled with people. The cake was made to look like the grassy mound that the teletubbies come out of. It had flowers and green grass, and the sunny baby face was in the sky. I had taken a cake decorating class just to learn how to make that beautiful cake for my third child. I was so proud to have made it. We had teletubby decorations and colorful balloons. It was so festive. I was trying to make the most of that birthday, knowing that my father was ill and we were about to have some hard times coming with him I wanted my baby's first birthday to be memorable. And the teletubbies surely made it memorable.

At Kaybee I had found Tinky Winky on sale and only spent 19.00 on him. I was pleased with that price, having seen these loveable aliens at higher prices elsewhere. My financial situation was not very good at the time, and these were affordable playthings for my children.

As a mother of three, when my third baby was young, the TeleTubbies were a Godsend to me! It was when the Teletubbies were on television that my children were playing together and laughing and watching the show. It was then that I got laundry done, dishes finished and beds changed. I think I might have even managed to scrub the toilet more than once. Without my children underfoot! It was great.

But, alas, the last few years has brought a big change in the Teletubby love with my children. My daughter will never admit that she ever danced the Tellytubby dance, my son slyly placed his Po in the storage tub to go in the attic, and the baby, well the baby still has Tinky Winky in the toy box, but he is never played with and never sucked on and never lights up anymore. It is only when I go into the room, and pick him up and press his belly that I hear him again. It is when I pick him up and hold him that I remember those three children who danced the teletubby dance, and laughed as they shook their bottoms, dancing in the middle of my living room. Tinky Winky's batteries have lasted forever, and he is still the same old Tinky Winky that brought so much joy to us five years ago. His purple flannel like soft body is still soft and cuddly. Was it really only five years ago?

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 19.00
Type of Toy: Stuffed Toy
Age Range of Child: 12 to 36 Months

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