Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Athlete Mode, BF-680

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Apr 29, 2005 (Updated Apr 29, 2005)
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Pros:Measures both weight AND body fat for two users plus a guest.

Cons:While the weight stays accurate, body fat can vary when you try again.

The Bottom Line: Using this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 is very motivating when tracking both weight loss and body fat loss at the same time.

For years, I'd used an old bathroom scale that measured weight with a needle and it was never very accurate as I could jump on and off with a weight variance of several pounds each time. And then I could weigh myself at home and then go to the doctor's office to get weighed and I'd end up weighing a good 10 pounds MORE than I did at home! So early last year, I broke down and purchased this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 online at drugstore.com as I was tired of dealing with a scale that I couldn't rely on as trying to measure and real progress was a challenge, so motivation to continue any real efforts at weight loss were futile and short lived. And I decided that not only was my weight important, but knowing my body fat percentage was an important factor in my overall health status at the same time. So I used my scale on and off last year but then got really serious about my weight loss efforts back in January 2005 when I'd finally had enough. And with the help of my new scale (along with tons of exercise and a prescription diet aid thrown in to jump-start my progress), I've now dropped 17 pounds and counting to date (and have dropped over 6% body fat at the same time)! Read on to find out more about this affordable battery operated model that's easy to program and much more reliable than many older ones I've used in the past.

~~~The Scale~~~

This Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 (featuring Adult, Child, Guest and Athlete modes) is just one of many models by this popular company that shoppers can choose from when monitoring both weight loss and body fat percentage. According to product advertising: Tanita's two-person Duo Scale plus Body Fat monitors store two sets of pre-programmed personal data for fast, simple operation. Our Duo models are designed specifically for two people who want to stay in control of weight and body fat management. Our new sleek, metallic models are perfect for contemporary bathrooms. Batteries are included for all Duo models. My specific model can be programmed for two people (user 1 and user 2) so that your personal data doesn't have to be re-entered every time as the scale's memory "remembers" the stored information (height, age, sex, fitness level, etc.) until you need to change it. The scale itself is very attractive in appearance as it's silver with charcoal gray in color. It's maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, which is measured in 0.2 pound increments (0.2 tenths of a pound and NOT ounces, Mom!). Body fat is measured in 0.1 percentage points (0.1 tenth percent), so the numbers can be very motivating as very small loses can be measured over time. So if you typically share your scale with another family member (as I do with my husband), then this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 is a great choice, especially for active people as body fat percentages can vary ( an athlete may be heavier in weight but not necessarily be overweight as muscle weighs more than fat, etc). To find out more about the newest edition featuring a new body water percentage mode, copy and paste the following URL into your computer's web browser:


~~~Price & Availability~~~

I purchased this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 online at drugstore.com in January 2004, which currently sells for $69.99. Requiring 4 "AA" batteries (which DO come included, by the way!), this particular scale comes with a three year warranty so it's certainly built to last. More product advertising explains How Tanita Body Fat Monitors Work - Tanita re-invented BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis). BIA is based on a person's height, weight and the strength and speed at which a safe, low-level electrical signal passes through the muscle and fat in the body. Tanita's BIA method is an all-in-one process that is accurate, convenient and fast. An electrode built into a patented "foot-pad" sends a safe signal through the body - weight and body fat are calculated automatically, in less than 30 seconds. So when knowing your weight just isn't enough, this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 is a great choice, especially for those times when your weight stays the same or even increases yet your overall body fat percentage is actually on the decline. Pick it up online today here:


~~~Product Experience~~~

Once your personal information is programmed into this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680, all it takes is the press of a button with your toe to activate your personal settings. Your age as well as your height and sex must be programmed for the most accurate results. Choose the athlete mode designed for fit individuals if you qualify (as outlined in the included instruction booklet found below in the "summary of features" provided) and then compare your results to healthy weight and body fat percentage ranges recommended for your height and age. The step-by-step instructions make this model easy to program with just the press of a few buttons, and then you are ready to go. Ideally, the only time you'll need to change the settings is yearly on your birthday when you age another year, but other than that there's usually no need to change anything otherwise. With over a year's experience with this model, I'm very impressed with the accuracy of the weight mode as you can step on and off several times and get the same exact reading down to the .02 tenths of a pound without it varying much at all. However, the body fat percentage mode isn't quite as sensitive as it can change several tenths of a point if you get on and off several times to monitor any changes. Then again, you must be barefoot for this mode to measure accurately with your feet placed "just so" on the pads, so if your feet aren't placed back exactly in the same spots, this could be part of the reason why the numbers can change each time. When stepping on the scale, the weight will read first and then a 5 second countdown occurs while the body fat percentage is calculated. So using this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 is quick, easy, and very motivating since even the smallest of losses can be monitored. Find out more about how knowing both your weight and body fat percentage are important for a healthy lifestyle here:


~~~Summary of Features~~~

***Have You Lost Weight or Body Fat? Let the BF-680 compare your current weight and body fat to your previous reading.
***How Do You Measure Up? Automatically compares your Body Fat % to healthy range. "0" is healthy, while "+" indicates overfat and "-" underfat.
***Simple to Use - Programming is easy with three simple buttons. Once programmed, just tap your Personal Key with your toe, and step on the scale.
***Guest Mode Feature - Friends and visitors use this button to get their own weight and body fat readings.
***Free Inside Every Box - Find educational material and self-help brochures about body fat measurement and body composition management. Our Instruction Manual is simple and easy to follow.
***Extra Large Display - Lets you see both your weight and your body fat percentage at the same time.
***Athlete Mode - Special calibration for extremely fit adults to ensure the most reliable results.
***How Does It Work? Tanita's patented "foot-pad" design sends a safe, low-level electrical signal through the body to determine its composition.
***Weight only - Push a button and use as an ordinary scale.
***Personal data for up to two users can be stored in memory with these Personal Keys.

***This model is intended for Children (7-17) with inactive to moderately active lifestyles, Adults with inactive to moderately active lifestyles, and Athletes. Tanita defines "athlete" as a person involved in intense physical activity of approximately 10 hours per week and who has a resting heart rate of approximately 60 beats per minute or less. In addition, people who are involved in a "Lifetime of Fitness" and who are very fit, but are not currently active 10 hours per week, are considered "athletes." Tanita's Athlete mode excludes professional athletes and bodybuilders.

***Information in italics taken directly from the Tanita website.

~~~Overall Recommendation~~~

Pick up this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 if your fitness level is already moderate to advanced as the athlete mode would be useless to a beginner to exercise. I average 4 to 8 miles on my treadmill 5 to 6 days a week with lots of running thrown in there, so I always use the athlete mode when monitoring any weight loss (or gain sometimes!) with this handy scale. It's shiny and contemporary in appearance so it doesn't clash with your bathroom decor. Just make sure you use it on a flat surface and not carpet as it seems to be the most accurate that way. The scale itself is a bit heavy and weighs several pounds itself, I'm sure, but this keeps it stable and in place as most people don't move their scale around much anyway. In conclusion, choose another less expensive model if the athlete mode is of no use to you as there are many others to choose from that have the same features excluding this one. But if you are a lover of exercise and are more fit than the average American, then this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 is definitely the way to go. I'm very happy with my weight loss results so far and can partially thank this scale as it shows tiny losses other scales would not register, which in turns keeps me motivated to keep going. Good luck and stay healthy :-)

***Tanita Scale plus Body Fat Monitors require bare feet for proper conductivity while measuring body fat.

***For more information on this Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor With Athlete Mode, BF-680 as well as other body fat monitors and/or scales, check out their website:


Tanita: The World's #1 Name in Body Fat Monitors

"A Better Way to Monitor Diet, Exercise & Health"

Tanita ~ The Body Fat Experts™:
Medical technology for your home.
Recommended by medical and fitness experts.
World's Best Selling - Since 1992, Tanita has produced professional and consumer body fat monitors using advanced Body Composition technology, with worldwide sales in excess of 10 million units.

Warning: Do not use these products if you have a pacemaker, or other internal electronic medical device.

2003 Tanita Corporation
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