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They Pay Me to Shop! -- Target Red Card

Jun 12, 2012
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Pros:5-percent savings on Target purchases, no annual fee, free standard shipping on

Cons:it’s another piece of plastic to keep track of

The Bottom Line: The Target Red Card offers me great benefits at no additional cost (unless you don’t pay the entire bill when it arrives; then interest kicks in).

Why didn’t I get the Target Red Card earlier?  This is a windfall of savings on items I would buy anyway.

What is the Target Red Card?

The card is the size of a credit or debit card.  It is red and features the Target logo of circles.  This flexible card allows you to select how it is used.  Choose it as one of the following: a Debit Card, a Target Credit Card, or a Target Visa Credit Card.

The big selling-point of this card is that whenever you use it in a Target store, you receive an additional 5-percent savings off items purchased.  If you prefer shopping at Target online, not only do you save the 5-percent using the Red Card, but they also offer free standard shipping with no minimum purchase.

Note that at the time of this writing, the Target Red Card is only valid in theUnited States of America.

Lots of Benefits

Five percent may not sound like a lot, but if you are a frequent Target shopper … the savings add up.  When my local Target store received a makeover, one of the great additions was a grocery area.  I’m a huge comparison shopper, and Target has some really good prices.  I’m not a fan of their clothing, but they have a nice pet section, good homegoods and personal care areas, toys that I buy for Toys-R-Tots, and an impressive grocery section.  With the additional 5-percent savings on top of the low prices and any coupons I might have, I am a happy shopper.

While I do shop at local stores, I am also a frequent internet shopper, particularly during harried holiday times.  Since the Red Card offers free standard shipping on orders with no minimum purchase as well as the 5-percent discount… it is one of the online stores I comparison shop at.

I recently went to Target for an eye exam and new glasses.  They do their best to save me money, which I like!  The Target Red Card gave me 5-percent savings on the glasses, plus they asked if I had AAA (yes, I do), and I received another discount.  Looking at my receipt, I see that the Red Card saved me $14.70, and AAA saved me another $126.00.

If my local Target store were a bit closer, I would consider participating in their pharmacy rewards program.  Fill five eligible prescriptions, and receive a 5-percent shopping pass.  This “pass” can also be used in combination with the Target Red Card 5-percent savings.  Up to eight different people can be enrolled on the same pharmacy rewards account, and the information can be accessed and updated online.  You can also link the pharmacy rewards card to your Red Card account and only carry the Red Card since it will cover both needs.  There are certain things the 5-percent pharmacy award will not cover, so check the website for complete details.

Another benefit is that you can manage your Red Card account online whenever you wish.  This comes in handy for updating personal information, checking the account balance and transaction history.

Are there Limitations?

Not everything qualifies for the 5-percent discount.  There is no discount when purchasing gift cards or prepaid cards.  Prescriptions, Eye Exams, and the Target Clinic do not receive discounts.  Target Commercial Interiors purchases are also exempt.  When shopping on, gift wrapping and any shipping/handling charges are not discounted (ex: if you opted to select Overnight shipping, there would not be a discount).  Double-check the Target website for additional items not covered (such as credit card payments and cash back on the debit card).

Don’t Forget the Coupons!

You may not be aware of it, but Target offers store coupons from their website.  At the bottom of the page, you will see lots of text navigation links.  Go to the column that says “Ways to Save” and click on “Coupons”.  The coupons are for a variety of items: clothing, groceries, toys, etc.  The coupons can be sorted by the newest coupons added or by coupons expiring soon.  A navigation pane at the left also allows one to search coupons by category (ex: baby, healthcare, household, pets).  Each “coupon thumbnail” shows the amount off, a small photo of the item, and a brief description.  Beneath the info is a checkbox to click to select the coupon for printing.  Since these are Target coupons, you can also combine them with manufacturer coupons for even more savings!  Plus, you can use them in addition to the 5-percent Red Card discount.

Note: The first time you print coupons from the Target website, you will be prompted to download a plug-in.  Once the plug-in is installed, the coupons will print whenever you wish.  I’ve been printing Target coupons for awhile and have never had a problem using them.

Support Your Local School

An added benefit to using the Target Red Card is that you can help the school of your choice.  Target will donate up to 1-percent of your purchases to a school (Kindergarten through High School).  If purchases are made from Target, they donate 1-percent of total purchases (not including returned items or sales tax).  If you are using the Target Visa Card, they will donate a half-percent instead of the full 1-percent if a purchase is made somewhere other than Target.  Click the “Enroll” button from the Target website.  You can check to see if the school of your choice is listed by entering a city, state and/or zip code.  Not every school is included in the program; check the Target website for full details.

How Do I Sign Up?

There is no annual fee.  You can apply at the store or by mail.  Note at the time of this writing the annual percentage rate for purchases is 22.9-percent.  The due date is 25 days after the close of each billing cycle.  However, up to $35.00 is charged as a late fee, and a returned payment can be charged up to $25.00.  I receive the Target bills in plenty of time to pay them.

One day I had a large order at the Target checkout lane, and the cashier asked if I would like the Red Card.  Five-percent savings sounded great, so she ran me through a bunch of questions, and I signed on the dotted line.  (I was expecting the process to be quicker than it was.  It seemed like the questions were never-ending.)  She handed me a slim folder with all the literature in it, and about a week later, I received the actual card in the mail.  The card works great, and I have it set up so that Target sends me an email when I’m about to receive a bill.  I also like that the receipts from the store tell me how much I have cumulatively saved during the year as well as on that particular purchase.

The Debit Card links to your checking account, and you can receive up to $40.00 cash back when paying in the store.  Note that the Target Debit Card cannot be used on the mobile website.


I should have signed up for the Target Red Card the first time I heard about it.  I like the idea of them paying me to shop.  I buy what I normally would and keep a bit extra in my pocket.  Plus, a percentage of what I spend is donated to a local school.  Since I pay the bill in full each time, it is win, win!

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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Copyright 2012 Dawn L. Stewart

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