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Targus AMU51US Optical Mouse

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Make Your PC life Easier With a Targus 3 Button Optical USB Laptop Mouse

Jul 14, 2011
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Pros:Compact and easy to install.

Cons:This has a wire.

The Bottom Line: Even though this has a cord it is still nice for a laptop or netbook.

Here's a big question, "What came first the mouse or the pad?".  Well, the mouse was invented in 1968 by Douglas Engelbart, and the best that I can tell it was Jack Kelley who invented the mouse pad in 1969. Since then, the mouse has come a long way in the materials that they were made of. There are several types of materials that are used to make a mouse now-a-days to make a mouse, such as:  plastic, all types of recycled rubber silicone and neoprene. But, the most common is the hard shell plastic type. The earlier models just used the desk top or table top mouse, and that created a lot of problems such as collecting too much dust inside of the mouse and  scratching the surface. The earlier models of the mouse contained a metal ball, that would scratch the surface of whatever it was moving along. Now there is laser and wireless.

The benefits of using a laser or USB cord, would allow the PC user more of an accurate movement, more of a pin point stopping power, and a higher reaction speed, in the way that the curser would react to the movement of your hand. Along with the comfort that the mouse offered in the way that it sits in your hand, this mouse allows less dust and debris from collecting inside of the mouse. Now-a-days, you have track balls and laser mice that are a lot more accurate and are made to protect the surface of your desk. To help fix some scratching problems, they have coated the steel ball inside of the mouse with a rubber coating and made all different thicknesses types of pads to choose from or they make them with a laser. This mouse from the Targus company is made from an all plastic and uses a USB cord to attach to your lap top or net book. This is made in China and only costs $8.99 and you can get this at Best Buy, unless you get lucky enough to get one of these for free with the purchase of one of the carry cases.
This particular brand has all types of looks, but this one is black in color. This can be used with just about all different types of computers or laptops, this has a very smooth bottom that will help prevent the mouse from sticky moving around. The top side is really slick and allows the mouse to fit into your hand comfortably and slide all over the place with ease. It is also very flexible to allow you to store this any place to keep the desk free of obstacles when not in use. Even if you try and push or slide this mouse on the desk top it will slide and not stick. You do not have to physically pick this up to get it to move.   This comes with a 5' USB cord. Three operation buttons, a scroll wheel, and a 800 dpi optical sensor. You will need to have the minimum requirements of windows 7, 2000, XP, windows vista, mac os, v10.4 or later, and an USB port.

I was using a wired mouse and I was tired of moving it from side to side because I did not have enough work area for my mouse to slide around, so I decided to purchase a USB connected mouse. This one from Targus was just what the doctor ordered. This is really light and thin and you could not break this one if you tried. My old one always slid with a simple push or accidental nudge. This is made of a hard plastic material that will not allow the dust to collect on the bottom of the mouse. My mouse works excellent and you will notice a positive difference when you put your mouse on top of its pad. A quicker response with this mouse was the first thing that I noticed, the second thing that I noticed was the fact that I had a more pin point and precision accuracy when it came to stopping where I needed it to stop. I did not know that having a nice sleek design would result in a better acting mouse. This is also washable if it does get a little dirty or something gets spilled on it, by just taking a damp cloth to wipe it off. This is so nice that they made it ergonomically designed for a easy fit in your hand. This also has a USB plug and play to connection a lot easier, also the optical sensor makes for perfect response. This is also comes with a one year limited warranty.

If you value your desk I would highly recommend getting some kind of a mouse pad to protect it. So, why not get the cheapest thing that you can find, and Targus has made it really easy for you to do this. This has lasted me for quite a while and it has went through several droppings and not even fallen apart yet. No fraying of the wire and the base is still in one piece. The slickness of the bottom side is still intact and still moves very easily at all. You can bet your bottom dollar that this is probably going to last several years because I have had this for over a year. Five start for durability and usefulness.

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