Targus (AMP18US) Remote Control

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Targus wireless presentation controller: An essential tool for those that do presentations in Powerpoint.

Jun 22, 2011
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Pros:Comfortable, works with pc and mac, gives you freedom.

Cons:Construction is not perfect.

The Bottom Line: A great wireless computer tool to use with computer presentations like Powerpoint.

This is a wireless presentation controller for a Macintosh computer, Windows based computer, or Mac Keynote. It is designed to work with PowerPoint or another similar product like Neo-office.

It is designed to work with your thumb while your other 3-4 fingers grasp onto the bottom. The thumb can control all of the buttons once you get used to where they are. It will probably take you a couple of days or weeks to get used to it.

It is definitely designed for a right handed individual since the 2 side buttons are on the left, where the thumb can hit them easily.

I have a wireless presentation remote from Logitech that I absolutely love. And it is the presenter I will use until the day it dies. But my wife needed one and I told her I would buy one for her new teaching job. I was willing to do this because I wanted to pick out what I wanted to review next for epinions.com. I almost got the $100 dollar Logitech remote that had a longer range and more features, but had second thoughts because of the price. Other than the Logitech, this was the only other pointer I was comfortable buying. My opinion was based on other short online reviews and how it looked.

I didn’t think I would like the grip because it didn’t look very ergonomic. But once I grasped and used it I found it very easy to hold. Yes I prefer my Logitech. Maybe because I’ve been using it for over a year but the Logitech remote does have a more tapered shape to it. It is also more rubberized. But thankfully the Targus has a thinner front end where your index finger fits. This is essential to make the pointer grip feel normal. When I grasp it, it reminds me of playing with a toy gun. But the grip is more horizontal. If it did not have the tapered edge then it would feel like you were holding a bar of soap.

The bottom is a ribbed soft plastic. This gives your fingers plenty of resistance so you can hold onto it easily. The top is a smooth plastic so it does not irritate your palm.

The unit runs on 1 AAA battery. There is a second slot for a second battery in case you run out of juice. Having a spare battery in the compartment is an awesome idea. (My Logitech runs on 2 AAA’s). I bought it for my wife in February of 2011 and as of this posting, it is still running on the original AAA battery.
She has been using it for teaching from then until Memorial day. I used it for this summer school session. From experience, I am estimating that an alkaline battery will last 6 months with average usage.

There are 7 buttons.

Two thirds of the way up is a circle with 3 of the buttons. The middle circle is the laser pointer button. On each side is a arrow and they move the slides forward and backward.

On the top is two oval buttons. The one on the right is the one that shifts the PowerPoint from edit mode to full screen presentation mode, and back again. The button on the left turns the screen to black and back again. That is useful if you want to write something on the white board behind the pull down screen. Yes I use it, I like it, but not very often.

On the side are two buttons. You can control them with your thumb. Small hands will have an easier time controlling this than I do. The forward button is the power on/off button. You hold it for 2 seconds to turn it on and off. The lights around the laser pointer button light up or flash quickly to tell you it is on/off.
The button behind it is the lock button. It presents you from using the front/top two buttons. I have no idea why but I never use it. And I have accidently pressed it. But the glowing circle does turn red to show you the lock is on. You only need to press it down quickly to get it to work. Bad placement and a feature I don’t use.

Oh ya, there is a glowing circle around the laser pointer button. It tells you if it is on, off, or locked. If it is green then it is on and unlocked. If it is no illuminated then it is off. If it is red then it is in the locked mode.

The laser is red.

To get it to work you take the USB receiver and plug it into your computer. It is small, about an inch long. It is almost too small in my opinion. You store it in the battery compartment so you will have no fear of it popping out. So every time you need it you need to take off the battery compartment to access it. I like the Logitech better because it slips out of the back without having to open anything.

Also inside the battery compartment is a small slider switch that says “pc”, “mackn”, “macppt”. It works on my work pc and my wife’s Macbook pro. When it is in the “macppt” setting, it will not work on my pc. My Logitech pointer figures this out automatically.

Durability appears good. No problems other than some scratched on the top.

A minor complaint I have is the battery compartment door does not perfectly fit with the device. It is tilted slightly by about a degree or two. Yes it’s minor, no it doesn’t affect performance, but something I wanted to point out. To open it up you press a button on the back and pull the battery compartment down.

I gave it a 4 because I just like my Logitech pointer better. I will be taking that one back before my wife gets used to it. But if I didn’t know about the Logitech I would have given it a 5.

I did ask my wife several times how she liked it in anticipation of writing this review and she said she loves it. She can’t imagine teaching without it. And neither can I. A must buy gift for any new teacher.

Keep in mind that this pointer is for a small room that can hold 30-90 people. If you are in a large hall, you need to get one with a stronger transmitter. They are just more expensive.

Here is some data from the Bestbuy website.
Warranty Terms - Parts1 year limited
Warranty Terms - Labor1 year limited
Product Height 4.75"
Product Width1.5"
Product Weight 4.6 oz.
Product Depth 1"
CompatibilityPC and Mac

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