Targus Sport 12.25"x9.5"x3.5" - Black/Gray Reviews

Targus Sport 12.25"x9.5"x3.5" - Black/Gray

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Targus Netbook Bag: Making Porn That Much Easier to Transport

Feb 24, 2010
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Pros:Price, Quality, Ease of Use, Durability


The Bottom Line: This bag is an incredible value, and Targus has another winning product I fully recommend.

Its amazing how fast technology changes. The past twenty five to thirty years have been truly remarkable, and I sometimes wonder what our computers will look like in the future. The Atari's graphics used to be "the bomb", and my Apple IIC was "the shiznit." Now instead of lugging around a laptop that says "Welcome to AOL, you've got porn", I can now do the same with my netbook. Its so much smaller, and I feel more comfortable with this, due to my "hung like a toddler dangly bits." Since my laptop finally kept acting up, and my cheap Scottish tendencies forced me to spend some money, I bought a Gateway netbook. While it may not have the capabilities of a traditional laptop, it works for what I need it for, which is of course browsing the net, writing on Epinions, learning about new subjects, and of course porn.

Thankfully, the big box store I was shopping at had plenty of bags for my new toy. After looking around a bit, and making a "blowfish" on several of their color copiers, I settled on the Targus TNC101. It fit every category I was looking for, the main one of course its low cost of $20. It seems that $20 doesn't get you much anymore these days, but with this bag, I was surprised to get a lot more than what would be expected. All of the Targus bags I've had in the past have been durable, and unlike the xyz zippers that are on jeans, they have zippers that can take a beating.(Opening and closing multiple times :) )

The bag is attractive enough, with its black outer shell, and greyish front. The grey part if you look at it hard enough, will give you a serious headache, as it has lines all across it. There are two sections to the bag, and the most important is where the netbook sits. The amount of padding is impressive, and my netbook fits in snugly. There are velcro straps that you can use to secure it even more, and these are so strong that there's no "play" when the netbook is carried around. Another neat feature is that the back part of the bag stands up, to offer extra protection.

The upper compartment can be zipped open and closed as well. This doesn't offer a lot of storage, but its enough for what you need with a netbook. There is a small mesh part, where I have the AC adapter for the car, and its where I place the netbooks power cord when traveling. Its a fantastic place to store pens, and perhaps an optical mouse as well, compared to the tailed variety that is lurking in your kitchen. If you have a small digital camera, you should be able to squeeze it in. For those of you who love the digital storage drives, there's a place for them as well.

I don't like the long straps that came with this bag. This isn't because of a quality issue, its just that I like to carry it with the handle already provided on the top. Maybe its because I don't want it to be confused with a "man purse" which I probably need, but the straps are good for those who like a netbook bag with that feature. The cloth handle works just fine, and its comfortable enough to fit in the palm of your hand, which seems to lose smaller objects with ease. As for durability, this is an excellent bag throughout, due to its quality of construction and materials used.

If you want to save money, this is an excellent bag. I looked at higher priced ones, and they didn't seem to offer anything extra. This would be great for college students, as its small size and weight pale in comparison to the Chaucer books they are required to lug around. It doesn't collect dust easily, and I feel confident that it will offfer some protection to my netbook/pornbook, whatever it is. You can find these bags at traditional stores or online, and it gets the much coveted "toiletoctopus seal of approval." This is one great bag, that allows you to carry around your netbook with relative ease.

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