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Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale

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Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale-- A Clear Choice in Weight, Fat & Even Muscle!

Nov 4, 2009
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Pros:Modern scale with modern functions and it's easy to use and accurate!

Cons:Be careful with glass top!

The Bottom Line: If you are in the market for a new scale be sure to take a look at this one.  It's affordable and has useful functions other than just weight!

We had been needing a new bathroom scale for some time now.  I had shopped around a bit but couldn't decide on what brand or model of scale I wanted.  Then it just so happened that a new Hudson's Dirt Cheap store opened in my mother in law's town so I made a point to check it out!  I found mostly junk, but if you took your time there were also some great deals there.  The deal I found was a Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale for $10.99!

Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale

The Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale is a bathroom scale with a glass surface that not only measures your weight, but also your body fat and water, muscle mass and bone mineral mass.  It also has a special setting for athletes or people who are in tip-top shape.

The scale has memory capability of storing information for up to 4 individual people and runs on two long-life lithium batteries which are included in the box when purchased.

For normal everyday use, there is a scale only mode that measures weight up to 440 pounds.

Taylor scales have been marketed since 1851 and they advertise their products as "accuracy for 150 years". 

Programming the Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale

When you unpack your new scale, you will need to program it.  Four people can enter their individual information that is stored in memory.  The scale will prompt you for the information, making the set-up and programming a simple task.  This information is needed to make calculations for body fat, muscle, etc.

My Thoughts on the Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale

This is a great scare for home use.  If you are simply watching your weight or trying to lose weight, this scale will deliver accurate readings.  The body fat, muscle mass, and water levels are all things that will come in handy for losing weight or even maintaining weight. 

I am really impressed with the water level setting.  This is very useful in the summer months when the temperatures are over 100 degrees outside.  The instructions state that the Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale measures water levels to 0.1%.  That is pretty accurate.

So far we have been using this scale for about two weeks and I have tested it against my doctors scales.  The weights were exactly the same and I have found the scale to be accurate in the time I have been using it.

I have to mention the looks of the scale.  If you are in to modern looks, this scale is for you!  It has a glass top and platinum accents on each corner and trimmed in platinum.  It looks really nice in the bathroom and not an eyesore like some scales can be.

The Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale normally retails for around $39.99.  Getting this scale at Hudson's Dirt Cheap was a unique find and I was really lucky to find such a deal. Hudson's sells mainly returns and surplus items from many different stores.  It is nothing to see broken items straight out of the box.  They recommend testing products before buying and that is what we did.  Of course, I made my husband weight up in the store instead of me. 


This is a nice bathroom scale that is accurate and modern in both looks and features.  Weighing in is not something that a lot of us *like* to do, but this scale certainly makes it a bit more fun with all the features.  At this time, I have to go with a Very High Recommendation for the Taylor Glass Body Fat Scale.

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