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Traditional Medicinals Female Toner

Dec 14, 2009
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Pros:Has amazing results on lessening cramps and other female tribulations.


The Bottom Line:

I have known a number of people that have benefited from this tea for menstrual problems, pregnancy, and delivery support.

Animals and humans have both recognized plants and herbs as a substance to fuel their bodies. Both also able to distinguish that many plants and herbs can do a great deal to overcome illness and infections. Also plants and herbs improve the way the body would normally function as with Traditional Medicinals Tea Organic Mother's Milk Tea where one or more of the herbal ingredients increase the supply of mother’s milk. 

Traditional Medicinals is an impressive company, in that the founders recognized not only the benefits of herbs and herbal formulas in addition,  the need to preserve the knowledge of herbs and herbal formulas, the knowledge  literally brought forward from generation to generation originating in ancient times. Much of this knowledge was passed in the oral custom of various tribes from North and South America.

Non native people in the United States had long forgone the use of Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM) the knowledge nearly died away. Three young people started what would become known as Traditional Medicinals. The company founded in 1974 and in the following years introduced millions of people to the use herbal formulas through their teas.

Traditional Medicinals Female Toner is another blend of herbs that supports the female reproductive system, and is beneficial to mothers who have recently given birth and women who are not pregnant. One herb in Traditional Medicinals Female Toner raspberry leaf has been know since ancient times to help through pregnancy. Though I strongly suggest you speak with a heath care professional, preferably someone with herbal knowledge before using raspberry leaf. Many doctors know zilch when it comes to natural medicine and would rather endure a toothache rather than admit the long known benefits of herbs and the medicinal value.

Traditional Herbal Medicine protects and restores health. Many women have a great deal of pain during their menstrual periods. They may have overly long periods. The blend of organic raspberry leaf, organic strawberry leaf, and organic nettle leaf supporting healthy menstruation cycles and tones the uterus. You would see why it would benefit a female after giving birth to a child.

The primary herb in Traditional Medicinals Female Toner raspberry leaf is known as the "Woman's Herb". The original book of Indian Herbology describes the tremendous value of raspberry leaf for pregnant women. "Can be taken freely before, during, and after confinement, rendering parturition less laborious," the information long known from ancient times.

Raspberry leaf is rich in magnesium which strengthens uterine muscles. It has long been known that Raspberry leaf diminishes morning sickness, calms the pain of contractions, and lessens bleeding after giving birth. The inventory of problems that raspberry leaf helps is virtually without an end; including shortening of labor.

Strawberry leaf is a lifesaver in relieving cramps. It is also a blood purifier, helps with anemia, inhibits menstruation and the problems associated with menstruation. It is also wonderful for natural weight loss.

Both of these herbs are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Organic nettle leaf is also very beneficial for women’s health. I had an acre of it growing wild, I hated the stuff, there is a reason it is called stinging nettle. I wish I knew then what I know now. I had an acre of great healthy stuff and didn’t even know it.

Nettle is rich in iron, calcium, and vitamin K which play a huge role in bleeding disorders. It stabilizes hormone levels and helps with those pre menstrual jitters. It can stimulate the uterus again, check with a health care profession before using Nettle Leaf, or any herb or drug, especially during pregnancy.

I have known a number of people that have used this tea for menstrual problems, pregnancy, and delivery support, and for other reasons. I used some of the herbs in this tea when I was pregnant with my daughter. It could have been Traditional Medicinals but my daughter is 28 and I just don’t remember anymore. I have been able to see the improvement in my daughter especially with cramps.

Full list of ingredients are organic raspberry leaf 165 mg, licorice root 150 mg, strawberry leaf 105 mg, organic nettle herb 60 mg, angelica root 15 mg, organic blessed thistle herb 15 mg, cramp bark 15 mg. Proprietary blend: organic spearmint leaf, organic rose hip, organic lemon verbena leaf, organic West Indian lemongrass leaf, organic ginger rhizome, organic chamomile flower.

Many of the additional herbs are to make the tea taste good, some have a calming effect. Organic blessed thistle was covered in my review for Traditional Medicinals Tea Organic Mother's Milk Tea. As Traditional Medicinals Tea Organic Mother's Milk pharmacopoeial grade herbs are used and Traditional Medicinals Female Toner is made from 98% organic herbs. 

It has a spicy smell and taste. It isn’t a tea I would sit and sip for enjoyment but the taste isn’t bad either. It comes in a box with 16 individually wrapped tea bags which does keep it fresh. There is no caffeine. The cost of one box of Traditional Medicinals Female Toner was $4.49 at Coburn’s in Huron, South Dakota. 

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