Organix Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Moisturizing Shampoo (13 fl oz) Reviews
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Organix Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Moisturizing Shampoo (13 fl oz)

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Tea Tree Oils and Mint in a Shampoo? Yes, and it Works Great

Feb 10, 2008
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Pros:Moisturizes very well; Great scent; Takes little to work up lather

Cons:High price

The Bottom Line: This is an excellent shampoo that does exactly what it says and then some.

I’m not too picky when it comes to shampoo. My hair is short, straight, and average in thickness, so I don’t need to worry too much about the way different shampoos treat my hair. However, I do have issues with dry scalp and I tend to favor moisturizing shampoos over regular varieties. One shampoo I have tried for the first time is Organix Teatree Hydrating Mint Shampoo, a nourishing product for your hair.

Basic Facts About This Product:

Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo is a complex shampoo with special ingredients intended to moisturize and strengthen hair. This shampoo is sold in a small, green- colored bottle with an attached, flip- up cap.

Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo offers an average amount of thickness and a scent of peppermint. Opening up the cap, the mint scent is released into the hair, setting the mood for the moisturizing experience to come.

This shampoo is fairly well concentrated, so only a small amount is needed to work up a good lather. It also takes a little longer to rinse clean that most other shampoos and this is especially true for long, thick hair. One wash and rinse is all it takes to get hair looking and smelling clean and fresh.


Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo is made using water, disodium laurethsulfosuccinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, glcol distearate, dimethicone copolyol, cetyl alcohol, cocamide DEA, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, polyquatemium-11, DMDM hydrantoin, silk amino complex, pantenol (vitamin B-5), Australian Teatree oils, soy milk proteins, peppermint oils, shea butter, tocopheryl acetate, and fragrance.

Final Thoughts:

Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo is a unique shampoo offering a moisturizing blend of Australian Teatree oils along with milk protein and peppermint oils to improve hydration, hair strength, and balance. This shampoo offers plenty of special ingredients to make your hair look and feel its best, while also offering the invigorating scent of fresh peppermint.

I’m not the type of person who worries about his hair and I invest only a minimal amount of money in shampoo and other hair grooming needs. A quick lather and rinse with a moderately- priced shampoo, then a quick comb- through, is all I need to make my hair look presentable each morning. I don’t have a heavy head of hair like some people and my hair is short, so only a minimal amount of work is necessary.

However, I do have one hair problem that has worsened over the years, and that problem is dry scalp. My scalp often itches due to dryness and I sometimes reach for special moisturizing shampoo to help correct the problem. What I have discovered is that very few of the so- called “moisturizing” shampoos really accomplish what they claim, and this is what led me to try Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo. I had never heard of teatree oil before and had no idea what it was capable of doing. The wife knew about it and asked me to pick up a bottle for her. With nothing to lose, I decided to sample this product myself and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.

I really like the scent of Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo. I don’t think I have ever used a mint- scented shampoo before and it seemed weird at first to be pouring something on my head that smells like a candy cane. But it is a very invigorating scent; in part because of its uniqueness but also because of its pleasantness. I have also found that it takes very little shampoo to work up a good lather, so the bottle lasts longer than others of comparable size.

Beyond the scent, Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo offers some other great qualities. Most important among them, to me, is the moisturizing qualities and this shampoo is very good at making ones’ hair and scalp feel soft and well- hydrated. It doesn’t contain conditioner, but it moisturizes in a similar manner to conditioner. It makes the hair feel stronger and less likely to break at the scalp and fall out. I also don’t scratch my scalp as much as usual.

One thing about Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo that requires getting used to is the additional effort to rinse it clean. Other, less expensive shampoos rinse out of my hair in a matter of seconds, but this product takes a greater effort. It is like conditioner in this regard, but I can forgive this quality because, after all, if a product works as well as this one does, then it shouldn’t matter than an additional minute of my time is given up each morning. And when it is rinsed out, it is gone completely.

Overall, Organix Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo is a very good product that I will use again from time to time. The cost of this shampoo (about $8 for a 13 oz. bottle) is more than double the price of the average shampoo so it isn’t something I will purchase and use on a daily basis. But I really like the results of this product and it is a shampoo I will seek out whenever my scalp is in need of a good moisturizing boost.

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