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Tefal FR7008002 Deep Fryer

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Unique design but takes up lots of space

Jan 7, 2007
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Pros:Unique oil filtration and storage system

Cons:A couple of confusing hidden lights and controls.

The Bottom Line: If you're lazy, like me, the filtration system will mean that you cook with cleaner fresher oil. Nice design but kind of expensive.

Before we get into features and the rest let's deal with an item that may be a deal breaker depending on where you want to put this thing.

I think most people store their deep fryer on a counter top with the frying basket inside. Because of the design of the handle here it adds a few inches to the height and depth measurements. In the installed configuration I measure it as 14" tall and 22" deep, front to back.

At only 8 1/2" wide, that measurement shouldn't be a problem.

I guess this deep fryer caught my eye because I was looking for top of the line and at $120 bucks I looked closer to see what it offered. It turned out that this one and the similar fryer with the "Emerilware" label (more on that later),have a unique oil filtering and storage system.

Here's how it works. The unusual height of the fryer allows for a plastic oil storage reservoir under the frying pan. They are connected by a small wire mesh filtered port. A prominent three position knob on the front controls the system. The knobs 12 o'clock position is the most used. It's for normal frying. At 10 o'clock you can remove the storage reservoir. Most interesting is the 2 o'clock position. At that position a thermostat measures the oil temperature and when it cools sufficiently (about 3 hours) a drain valve opens and the oil filters into the reservoir. You can leave it there while you clean the now empty frying vessel which like all non-electric parts are dishwasher safe. If you want to reuse the oil, put the switch at 10 o'clock, remove the reservoir, remove the reservoir cap and pour it back into the fryer. Pretty neat, and it works.

Hanging on the back of the fryer is the control unit consisting of a switch and a knob. The unlit switch is master power. I wish it had a pilot light. Next to the switch is the temperature knob marked in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The temp range is 302F-374F or 150C-190C Behind that knob and largely hidden is the pilot light that goes out when the temperature is reached. I wish it was the other way around. Why not come on when the temp is reached.

There's a cover with an odor filter and a large viewing window. The cover has slots for the basket so that you can lower the basket with it on. If your fryer location has kitchen cabinets above it you may have trouble seeing in the window, again because of the height of the fryer.

I guess the cover along with the odor filter can go in the dishwasher. There's no information in the manual about cleaning or replacing the filter.

Maximum oil capacity is 14cups/3.3 liters
Maximum food capacity is 2.65 lbs/1.2 kgs

There's a one year warranty.

Almost forgot. The "Emerilware" unit is $30 more, everywhere I looked. For that you get a digital temperature gauge and readout and Emeril's signature on the front.

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Amount Paid (US$): 119.95

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