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Tefal FR7008002 Deep Fryer

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Nice Product Idea, Dangerous in Use

Jul 3, 2007
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Pros:Pretty stainless steel, heats up quickly and holds temperature well.

Cons:Control lettering rubs off. Built-in oil filtering is poorly done. Bad customer service. Stay away.

The Bottom Line: Look for something else. It's a pretty unit, but it is a pain to use and can be dangerous.

This Tefal Fryer was a family gift to replace our venerable Fry-Daddy. I am not a frequent reviewer on epinions, but this product has become dangerous to use, and I want to warn others about the situation.

The fryer has a control panel with a power switch and a rotary temperature control. Our experience, as with another reviewer, is that the lettering disappears in normal use. It lettering for the power switch is long gone, and the lettering for the temperature setting smears with a fingertip. Someone not familiar with this unit could easily overheat the cooking oil.

There is another issue with this fryer that is just plain annoying. The fryer includes a way to filter the oil by draining it through an internal screen into a plastic storage container contained in the base of the unit. Problem one is that the screen is quite fine, and clogs easily. So, one ends up immersing their hand in the dirty oil to clear debris from the screen. You will end up with an oil soaked hand and crusty bits under your fingernails. Not pleasant.

It is tempting to just open the drain and let it filter slowly through the crud overnight. So, you put it all together, put the lid on and let it go. So the next day, someone walks by and turns it on to use it. They keep the lid one... afterall, it is advertised to use with the lid on. But, there is only a coating of oil left on the elements. It takes about 30 seconds for smoke to begin spewing from the unit, and once turned off, it continues to smoke for several minutes. I'm thinking this might be a fire hazard.

Bottom Line: If you are the only person that is going to use this fryer, then it'll be ok. You will remember the temperature settings, and you will remember (after a few episodes) to check for oil before turning it on.

If you are buying this for your family to use, I highly advise against it.

And a final point: Tefal refuses to address the printing issue. They consider the smearing lettering to be normal wear and tear. Their words, normal wear and tear after 7 months, and I'm being generous. The letters started disappearing a few months before now. For that alone, I would steer clear of any Tefal product in the future.

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