Ten Big Ones - Stephanie Plum At Her Best, UnMasking Ranger...

Jan 26, 2008
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Pros:Another great Stephanie Plum novel, finally getting more insight into Ranger!!

Cons:A few minor overused phrases that probably just bug me... :)

The Bottom Line: You've gotta read Janet Evanovich, especially Ten Big Ones. Where else do you find a bumbling female bounty hunter surrounded by hot guys and quirky fun characters? A must have!

For those of you who've read Janet Evanovich, especially the Stephanie Plum novels, you have a good idea of what she's all about... a Jersey girl who falls into bounty hunting to make ends meet. The girl is an accident waiting to happen, but in a lovable sort of way. She often reminds me of myself... I cannot do a thing without winding up in trouble, I swear! And, I'm not even a bounty hunter.

Throughout the series... 9 books prior to this one (not including a few special extra books outside the 1,2,3 counting series), Stephanie is trying to perfect her bounty hunting techniques, but alas, she's really all about intuition and luck. I don't know how many other people who could continually lose their man and still keep on the case... it would drive me nuts.

Not to mention how she goes through cars and handcuffs... she's seriously accident prone... accidental or deliberate bombings, gang graffiti, smash em up car chases, then there was the time a garbage truck fell on a loaner Porshe she was driving. And handcuffs? Nearly 50% of the time, someone manages to get away from her, with cuffs on. $60 bucks a pop, too! She's hilarious, and she really tries hard.

Throughout the series, we've gotten to know her loony family and even loonier coworkers. There's Grandma Mazur(love her!), Saint Valerie, her formerly perfect sister who now has 3 kids and a soon-to-be hubby, a pasty not-so-successful lawyer with the last name Clown... Ok, so it's spelled K-L-O-U-G-H-N, but the pronunciation is what counts. So soon Valerie and Steph's nieces will be Clowns too! Her father rarely speaks and her mother is always freaked about Stephanie's job.

Then there's Lula, former 'ho' turned sidekick, who is a walking talking punchline. She's one of those big girls who dresses like she's not... flashy tight clothes and shoes, and she's taken to sitting on the bad guys so they don't get away... it's working pretty well throughout this book, I must say!

The very best part about Ten Big Ones is, for all is ladies, we finally get a glimpse into the private world of Ranger, uber-hot REAL bounty hunter. Muscles in all the right places, dark, mysterious and just plain yummy!

Til now, nobody knew where he lived, but Stephanie accidentally finds out, then decides to play out some ridiculous Goldilocks fantasy and sleep at his place while Ranger's out of town. Boy is she in trouble... wait til you find out ;)

All the while, Stephanie is being hunted... there's a contract out on her life for messing with a gang... only Stephanie Plum (or possibly me) would get into this much trouble from an innocent trip to a neighborhood market!!!

I've managed to breeze through the Stephanie Plum novels in a little over a month... and I still have a few to go, but this is one of my faves thus far. It's got everything that makes this series great. Stephanie Plum is a fantastic character and Evanovich's writing isn't too shabby, either.

(There's a few things stylistically that I'd change, but that's just me... like her imagery of guys smugly rocking back on their heels or ambling here or there... certain phrases are a bit overused for my taste.)

Overall, great writing, great series, GREAT BOOK! Pick it up today... or better yet, start at One for the Money, and read em all!

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