Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream

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Tequila Rose is delicious!

Mar 13, 2001
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Pros:tastes like strawberry quik!

Cons:Easy to get drunk off of

The Bottom Line: A great tasting Liquer that will get your drunk fast.

For those of you lightweights out there (like myself) who can't stand the taste of liquor, have I got a drink for you. I'm a social drinker myself, but I pretty much hate all alcohol. I have been known to unleash the contents of my stomach after sipping a beer. Any kind of wine makes me gag, and any kind of hard liquor tastes like burning hairspray. In essence, no alcohol is good alcohol for me.

One day I was out waterskiing at the river with my friends (who are all big drinkers) and we decided to head up to the bar. I ordered a strawberry margarita because at least I can keep two of those in my stomach before I lose it. After my first margarita some of the girls wanted to do some "girls only" shots. They ordered me a tequila rose, and I was told to down the whole thing and then lick the glass--no sipping. I thought for sure the shot was going to end up on the table, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway (pardon the pun).

I was doubtful of this creamy pink drink in front of me. After all, what kind of drink is creamy and pink? Creamy especially? And it looked kinda warm, so I was scared. But on the count of three, I downed that shot glass and licked it just like I was told. Boy was I surprised! Not only did I not lose my lunch right there, but I didn't wince, shiver, make a face, or stick my tongue out. I LIKED IT!

"This tastes like strawberry Quik!" I cried out to my people. "It's delicious!"

They ordered me three more before we left, and I drank them greedily. I wanted a big, tall, frothy glass of the stuff to go with my food, but I knew that it was still alcohol, no matter how harmless it tasted.

For someone as sensitive as I am to say a drink doesn't taste bad is really something. The only other drink that comes close is Orange Hooch, which tastes like orange Slice (you should try that too sometime). I've never met as deceiving a drink as Tequila Rose.

Tequila Rose is smooth, creamy, and delicious. The only problem with it is that you're drunk before you get your fill of this delicious liquid. But getting drunk is the whole point, so who's complaining?

I was intrigued

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