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May 11, 2007 (Updated May 21, 2007)
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Pros:Ease of use, effectiveness

Cons:Toxic stuff for a kitchen. I'd be concerned if I had small children.

The Bottom Line: For ants in the house, this is an economical and tidy way to bait them and kill them. I recommend it.

We get ants. Every summer, the kitchen is full of ants. Open the dishwasher, there they are. Open a cupboard, five fall out. They don't signal filth and disease like roaches or flies do, but still, they're annoying. And they are everywhere.

But not anymore. I'd tried Terro Ant Bait before, and hadn't been impressed, but a friend swears by it, so I thought I'd try it again. I had nothing to lose. I didn't have high hopes; last year I hired an ant exterminator. The outside of the house was littered with dead ants, and the kitchen still swarmed with them.

So, we cracked open one of the sealed trays of liquid bait. The Terro I'd tried before had been a small bottle of liquid bait that I left in fat droplets on pieces of cardboard. Not optimum for a kitchen. These trays were much easier and safer to handle. Within 24 hours there was an assembly-line of ants crowding into the tray to stock up, and then moving back out, hopefully to the nest. The tray was dry within a day, so I opened another one. That one got less traffic, and is still half-full, sitting on the kitchen counter in my now-antless kitchen.

It's too soon to tell if this is a permanent fix. The ants have only been gone for 48 hours, and I'm leaving the tray where it is. I have four more trays to deploy if they show up again. However, so far, I have to call this a success story.

UPDATE: Ten days later, ants are still gone from the kitchen. I did find one hanging out in the sink about 4 days ago. He's gone to his ancestors (or is that ANTcestors?), and I haven't seen one since.

Yesterday I found more (and a different species, I think) in the laundry area of my basement, and set out another tray. I hope it works as well.

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