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I chose the AB-DOER to help my abdominal area

Jan 20, 2002
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Pros:Easy to use, sleek design, comfortable

Cons:takes time to feel it working, cannot fit thru doorway

The Bottom Line: The easiest machine to work your abdominal muscles while in an upright position.

Many months ago when my computer was at the Gateway store I spent more time clicking around the television dial in search of something worthwhile. I found on two separate occasions the AB-DOER™ infomercial and watched with interest as the inventor and other users demonstrated how this piece of equipment worked. I felt like I had finally found the machine that would help me achieve my goal and give the results I wanted.

When I eventually got my computer back and running I found at the Spiegel online store the AB-DOER™ selling for $149.00. I would check this out periodically trying to decide when to order. I even sent the link to Lee and asked him if this was something that he could put together for me. There were other items in the fitness section at the website but I kept coming back to the AB-DOER™.

I ordered it for normal shipping and it arrived in under a week from the United Parcel Service. I quickly emailed Lee to tell him and in a few days he came over to get this machine up and running for me. Armed with his tools and my six-year old as assistant the AB-DOER™ was ready for use in under thirty minutes. It is a cool looking chair with an adjustable seat and back roller that can move to various parts of your back and the arm bar can be in the upright position as well.

I had already had my annual physical this past April and mentioned to my primary care physician that I would be starting some form of exercise regimen and I got the go ahead for that. Checking with your doctor before beginning any form of exercise and diet are recommended by the inventor of the AB-DOER™.

The parts list for the AB-DOER™ consisted of thirty six items such as bushings, screws, brackets, plug, the back foam pad, pull pin, washer, base frame and other items used to make the AB-DOER™ complete. This should be used only on a level surface with your feet wider than shoulder width. You should sit in an upright position with your back against the massage roller, tucking the arm bar underneath your armpits.

Lee had tested the arm bar for the correct comfort level for my height with some adjustments made after I have been using the AB-DOER™. The many aspects of using this chair to maintain an aerobic workout, soothe sore back muscles and relieve stiffness after playing sports. The tension is preset and non-adjustable, so you can't change the intensity of your workout.

There is a video that is one way to utilize the AB-DOER™ or just follow the routines in the manual and nutrition guide such as the hop scotch, body boogies or the twist and shout. The recommendations for the AB-DOER™ is four times a week for about twenty minutes. I have this in the spare bedroom with the computer and cannot get it through the doorway to sit and do the video but have watched the video a few times and then try to do what was demonstrated on the video. I move the AB-DOER™ to the middle of the room and position a fan towards me so I can get some relief as I exercise. I have a few specific moves that I enjoy doing and can feel them in my lower abdomen and the lower back as well as my arms. This targets the spinal column, obliques and abdominals.

The feet should not be placed together and your eyes should stay forward and not looking down with your chin upward. I can do tilts with the arm bar and move back to feel it lower in my midsection. It is good to listen to music while using the AB-DOER™ and just move around for a workout that is in a comfortable position.

The video is fun to watch the participants seated in their chairs and watch how they utilize the arm bar for maximum benefit. The idea is to remain in constant motion using the chair and you can stop and hold your body in position to achieve another level of flexion time.

For further information on the AB-DOER™ system the customer service number is 1-888-367-6206. Thane fitness is located online at John Abdo is the inventor of the AB-DOER and shows all the moves in the video and the host of the infomercials as well.

I would advise taking your measurements before your first session of the AB-DOER and check out the nutritional guide with Restaurant tips in the manual. I believe if you order off their website and/or view the infomercial they have a payment plan/schedule where you can make a few payments instead of one for purchasing the AB-DOER™.

This is still listed for $149.00 plus $19.00 shipping at item number (N50 693 1090T). I used the delayed billing as my option and it is warranted. The measurements of the black steel constructed Ab-DOER™ is 34-1/2”Wx21”Dx46”H. Place this on your wishlist too.

This is all done in the privacy of your own home with no fancy outfits to purchase and I prefer this to the Tae Bo tapes I purchased from the same online store. When I get frustrated with the internet or this website, I just pause and sit on the AB-DOER™ to move my stresses away and have fun at the same time.

***Please note***

When I tried searching this site for this product it did not exist. When I read another review under How to Choose Exercise Equipment I opted to place my review of the AB-DOER there in October, 2001.

Now in January 2002 I read a review on Fast Abs, which I just recently received, and when I clicked on the link to the right to view Abdominal Equipment I found this product has now been added to the database. I updated my review to state this does not have a way to add resistance and deleted the other one to place this here.

Over the holidays I was not actively utilizing the AB-DOER since we had many toys in the way. Than I started experiencing some Vertigo (dizziness) and have yet to begin the New Year with the AB-DOER.

It takes some time in regular use to feel the effects of the AB-DOER and I was able to fit into two pairs of jeans that I had not been able to before I had the AB-DOER. I will update this after I work with it for a few weeks with the results.

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