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Wow!! Far Better, Faster And More Energy-Efficient Than Your Regular Oven!!! Cuisinart, Take a Hike!!!

Jul 14, 2006 (Updated Jul 15, 2006)
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Pros:Cooks all your foods to crisp tender juicy golden brown perfection!

Cons:None to date.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend it!! Great for all of your roasting and baking!!


Here's another marvelous kitchen wonder that really works!!
It cooks most of your foods with super-heated super-fast
results! And it just might make your regular oven jealous!!

A little bit of research first:

I was looking for a convection oven, but the ones I've seen were either too large or too small. Cuisinart has one out, and it looks like it might perform good. But the thing is just too blasted small if you want to do a large roast in it. And besides, I'm so done with Cuisinart because of their crappy products!!

Chef's Catalog has some - one in particular is very big,
the Cadco 3.5 cubic feet Commercial Convection Oven. Also too expensive - $749.00!! has the smaller 1.35 cubic foot Broil King Commercial Convection Oven for about $349.00, but it still seem too big for my kitchen! Both of these ovens look alike and ARE made by Broil King.

And most of the other brands convection ovens also were just too small! You can't even get anything larger than a small whole chicken in them!! What a shame!

This all was last fall when I went on a hunt for what I thought might be the perfect convection Oven for me to be happy with!


Then one morning, I was watching an infommercial and saw the Thane Flavorwave Convection Oven being demonstrated on the Food Network. I watched the whole 30-minute program, and was interested in getting one!!

I was thrilled by the fact that a whole frozen roast could be cooked right from the freezer without ever having to let it thaw out first!! And the fact that it cooks food super-fast with its extremely powerful glass-encased glowing heating element and cyclonic fan!


So I ordered this oven from the company's website. I got it just too days before Thanksgiving - just in time for holiday cooking! I didn't want to roast a whole turkey
because it would have been too much to try to eat, so I just cooked some turkey legs and thighs after marinating them overnight in the fridge.

I put them in this oven the next day, set the electronic controls, let them bake and boy, you want to talk about something deliciously brown, tasty, tender and juicy?!! The meat tasted ten times better than cooking them in the regular oven!!

I was totally flabbergasted! I couldn't believe the results of the finished product. It was almost as if I went to a classy restaurant and ordered the meat to eat there!!


It bakes, roasts, steams, broils, barbeques, grills and fries without fats or oils that would otherwise add calories. Al without ever having to use your regular oven if you don't want to!! Patented 3-way cooking system uses a combination of conduction, convection and powerful infrared heat all at once to cook foods to perfection up to as much as 50% faster!!


As we all know, the air in an ordinary regular conventional oven is completely still. No air moving around and no concentrated heat. Which is why most foods like large roasts and turkeys seem to take forever to cook!!

The Thane Flavorwave Oven uses the ultra-modern space-age
technology of an extremely powerful infrared glass-enclosed coiled heating element and a powerful fan that blasts super-heated air all throughout the cooking chamber and all around your foods, surrounding it with this method of roasting to cook everything to golden brown delicious tasty results!

The heating element is actually a 100% harmless and 100% effective halogen light that glows very brightly to penetrate the food that's being cooked! And it does NOT need dangerous radiation to cook food either, like microwaves do!!

And unlike a microwave, your food is not burned or dried out before the center of it is done. It's cooked to golden
juicy perfection just like a master chef would do it!!

During the cooking cycle and depending on the cooking temp the heating element glows a very bright orange until the desire temperature is reached. Then the heater will cycle on and off to hold and maintain that selected temp so that you food comes out deliciously browned.

The oven will crisp up the outside to a golden brown and leave roasts, steaks, chops and poultry with a tender juicy flavorful interior! With a few simple preparation steps beforehand, you can now cook whole poultry and roasts directly from the freezer and still have a superb roast waiting on the table in time for dinner!

Why bother with defrosting a roast? With this amazing kitchen wonder, you can now kiss that off as a thing of the past, if desired!


Now you can use this incredible appliance for all of your holiday cooking, or use it as a secondary oven to help speed up getting your holiday feasts done in near-record time!!

Wedding receptions BBQ, cookouts, holidays summer cooking, catering events, late-night snacks, pizza, roasts, turkeys, standing prime rib roasts, pork shoulder or butt, anything that comes to mind! If it fits in this oven, you can cook it.

Forget about having to tie up a chicken as with rotisseries! This unit does not require it at all.


1. Powerful heating element glows a very bright orange during cooking. Cycles on and off to hold the cooking temp selected.

2. Powerful cyclonic fan. Swirls super-hot air to surround food and cook it to perfection.

3. Electronic controls on power head. No mechanical controls to break down!

4. Tough highly durable polycarbonate dome chamber is design to withstand heat up to 400 degrees. Accepts whole roasts and turkeys up to 14lbs.

5. Tempered glass bottom tray.

6. Comes with cooking rack.

7. All parts except power head may be washed by hand or in dishwasher.

8. Has wire bracket for cover to lean on when checking on food.

9. Instruction manual in English, French and Spanish. Also has temp chart for cooking certain foods.

10. Full one-year warranty on all parts.

11. Also comes with separate fruit juicer as a free gift.

12 Digital readout display on Power Head.

13. Can be programmed to operate up to 14 hours away.

14. Has bottom white tray on rubber feet to protect counter from heat.


I love it!! It cooks all of my foods to tender golden brown juicy perfection. And when I don't want to turn on the regular oven, I just pop this one out and the food gets done in near record time!!


It's a breeze!!

Just wash the parts by hand or in dishwasher.


None to date.


Overall, I'd say that this unit is probably the greatest invention since the oven itself! It's great!!


Yes! If you are tired of having to heat up your oven, especially during the hot summer months just to cook a roast, and you want a convection oven that not too big or small, this oven is the one to get!!


you can buy this oven directly from Thane's website ( listed below ), or from Those are the only two places where I've seen it offered.


Just visit Thane's website at does not have a picture of the unit posted, but Thane's website and do.

Thank you for reading this review.


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