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Flavor Wave Turbo oven - Review

Jun 18, 2008
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Pros:Won't heat up your kitchen and does cook food and make it juicy!

Cons:Some meats will need extra attention- chicken. Roasts hard to turn over in bag.

The Bottom Line: This oven is very good, give yourself extra time when first testing it, till you get the hang of it. Have Fun!

I ordered my Flavor Wave Turbo after waiting a whole year after hearing about it from a commercial...the new Turbo model has higher cooking temps and I've been testing the devil out of it. Here's my findings...

It comes with a few recipes, that are sometimes confusing, one recipe will say to use the low rack like for chicken, and another will say to use the high rack for pieces of chicken...they'd be burnt to a crisp there!

My experience has been that the chicken cooks pretty good on the low rack (my first test was leg quarters, and they did well, took 15 extra minutes - they were not frozen.)
Yesterday I did FROZEN chicken pieces and a breast (not boneless) - and the breast had to cook an extra 15 minutes...they didn't have a cooking time for a Non-boneless breast...this is probably why.

I cooked a whole Frying chicken, and made the mistake of stuffing it, it took almost twice as long...the chicken was fresh, and the during the last half of cooking, the breast started to get overcooked and i covered it with aluminum foil...had to use toothpicks to keep in on the chicken...and turning chicken wasn't easy either...and then the legs started to burn, so I covered them, and when I thought it was done...the thighs weren't I turned it back over and cooked it another 15 minutes, and finally it was done! And was Delicious!

The meat does come out juicy, and tender, and this is excellent. The only thing I found is that cooking different sized portions cause different finishing times.

My first "Other meat" was thick pork chops, and it took quite a while...don't use the butterfly cut pork chops that are 1 1/2 inch thick! They were juicy once they were done...but took twice as long as I had thought.

I tried to cook a roast, takes an oven bag to do this...the bag was sucked up to the wire mesh part of the heater, and got a hole in it...due to this, my roast (beef 4 lbs- the recipe called for 2 to 2 1/2 lbs) didn't cook well enough, and I had to turn it by opening the bag and using tongs to turn it over. I also had vegetables in there, and some of them didn't get cooked well either. When it finally got to the correct temperature, it was late, and we had eaten pizza, so I let it cool down, put in a crock dish to heat up in the oven the next day. My daughter tried to eat some, said it was a little tough yet (not done).

The next day I had her stick it in the oven on 300 degrees and let it cook for 2 or so hrs...It was really tender and delicious. I may stick to my crock pot to do roasts, OR use the extender when cooking in the oven bag...that's a thought! The size of the meat and what you put in with it, will matter...I'll try a smaller roast and use one of their recipes and see how it comes out - next time.

I've heated up frozen chicken wings, they came out great. I've cooked bacon, I loved it!

I'm going to keep using it, the food comes out really well, sometimes though, the skin or outside gets real crisp or almost burnt...I turn my meat over if this starts to happen.

I'm going to get some of the accessories for cooking and a cookbook, when I've tested them out, I'll report back.
Maybe the chicken rack they have will make a difference for the chicken.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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