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The Cloud Nine Bed by Serta: If Not Heaven, as Close as We値l Likely Get

Jan 31, 2007 (Updated Apr 30, 2007)
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Pros:Luxurious firm feel, added coil support, great value, can try it out for a night

Cons:Only 10 year warranty

The Bottom Line: These days when you can easily spend upwards of $3,000 for a glorified air mattress, the Cloud Nine Bed by Serta at half that price is a steal.

Let the Bed Wars begin! That’s right, there’s a bed war going on even as we speak.

Ever since Starwood Resorts (owners of Westin Hotels) began rolling out their Heavenly Bed Program throughout their upscale properties back in 1999, a bed war of sorts has been going on.

Hotel chains have increasingly looked at beds, or more accurately, plush luxurious beds as a means for differentiating themselves from their competition. Most often these beds are better (more comfortable) than those we generally sleep on at home.

Recently, the Hilton organization completed their own premium bed program taking it a step further. They now feature The Cloud Nine Bed by Serta at their middle tier, business travel oriented Hampton Inn and Suites. This middle tier is an increasingly competitive segment of the hotel industry which often relies primarily on price and location as a means to compete. But, since these hotels (Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Holiday Inn Express, etc) tend to cluster around busy business centers, that pretty much left price as the predominant competitive feature. Not a particularly healthy situation for a capital intensive industry.

But this review is not about hotels. It’s about beds and people like you and me. If you read my recent review on The Heavenly Bed by Simmons you know I have owned one for just over a year. Heavenly? In the extreme. And, prior to purchasing our bed we had unknowingly slept on it several times while staying at Westin Hotels.

But, when traveling most often alone on business, the budget just doesn’t allow for top tier accommodations. So, like other business travelers I gravitate to the middle tier and most often to the local Hampton Inn. If you read my review last summer entitled Hampton Inn: Steal this Bed! you know the impression this bed has made on me.

The Cloud Nine Bed by Serta
Though it is discussed as if it were one specific bed, the Cloud Nine Bed Collection is actually based on any one of three Serta designs (Sweet Dreams, Dream Structure or Tranquil Nights). At the top-end is the Tranquil Nights based bed. According to their web-site (, the Cloud Nine Bed is described thusly: “Custom designed to Hampton's exact specifications, our beds are posturized for added coil support and feature a unique internal design that prevents edge breakdown. An innovative, patented quilt design and inviting plush top mattress improves circulation and reduces nighttime restlessness.” The added coil support prevents the bed’s occupants (doesn’t that sound romantic?) from both rolling toward the middle of the bed. Extra thick edge rods are used to firm up the outer edges of the mattress and minimize breakdown.

Note that the Cloud Nine Bed features a “plush top”, whereas The Heavenly Bed features a “pillow top”.

Plush top, Pillow top, what’s the difference?
The pillow top provides an extra layer of padding at the top of the mattress that is comprised of a loose down or down-like filling while the plush top provides a more solid layer of extra padding. Plush tops applied to the same mattress will generally make the mattress feel even more firm than the firmness provided by its inner coil construction. Conversely, the pillow top will soften the bed slightly. Also, since the plush top is a more solid layer of padding it is less likely to clump and form indentations as is often reported with pillow tops over time. So far however, neither I, nor the bewitching Mrs. Xeno have noticed any indentations in our pillow top Heavenly Bed.

The Cloud Nine mattress is 12ス inches thick and it sits on a 7ス inch box spring. When combined with its frame it is designed to stand 28 inches off the ground.

The Warranty
The Cloud Nine Bed by Serta is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years, the same as the Heavenly Bed by Simmons. As I pointed out in that review, this strikes me as a surprisingly short warranty period for a premium bed. My first bed, by Stearns & Foster was warrantied for 30 years or until the Rapture (whichever came first). I had first assumed that the short warranty period might be due to The Heavenly Bed’s pillow top design, but according to a Hampton Inns representative, the warranty reflects the manufacturer’s warranty to the hotel chain simply being passed through to the consumer. Since as a practical matter it is next to impossible to exercise a mattress warranty after you’ve slept on it for a number of years I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

What I really liked
I have slept on the Tranquil Nights inspired model of the Cloud Nine Bed several times now. I found it to be luxuriously firm without feeling hard. Sharing the bed with the beautiful Veronica, we indeed did not end up colliding in the middle (well maybe just a few times, but that was with intent). Combined with high quality bedding it seems to envelop you. This bed is really designed for your comfort. It’s hard to imagine sleeping on it without commenting on it.

What is particularly helpful to the consumer is that you can give this bed a test drive simply by checking into a Cloud Nine Bed equipped Hampton Inn for a night or two. Given that most beds feel great in the showroom and the fact that you’ll be sleeping on the bed you purchase for a number of years this is a great feature that I would recommend you take advantage of.

In comparing it to the Heavenly Bed, the only shortcoming (for us) is that it does not seem to isolate movement quite as effectively as he Heavenly Bed. This is due no doubt to the difference in spring architecture employed by Simmons and Serta. If you’re a restless sleeper this could make a difference in your buying preference.

The Price and Where to Buy
Presently, you can order a Cloud Nine Bed only through the Hampton Inn either at their web-site, or by calling 888-552-6442. The bed is offered in sizes of Full ($1,050), Queen ($1,250), King and California King ($1,450). Shipping within the US is an additional $200. So prices are comparable to The Heavenly Bed by Simmons. Delivery takes 6 – 8 weeks.

Note: At the time of this review, only the Sweet Dreams and Dream Structure versions of this bed are available for home purchase. The Tranquil Nights inspired model is expected to be available for order by the end of February, 2007.

Summing Up
Having slept on this bed on several occasions, I can say without reservation that it is a most pleasing sleep experience. Had we not already purchased our Heavenly Bed, this is a bed we would be seriously considering.

These days when you can easily spend upwards of $3,000 for a glorified air mattress, the Cloud Nine Bed by Serta at half that price is a steal.

Now go get a good night’s sleep.

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© Rudi Xeno 2007

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