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This pillow could improve your dental health, as well as your sleep
by trupmphodge
Years ago my dentist told me I was grinding my teeth when I sleep, which made no sense to me or my husband. But one night I realised that I was lying there CLENCHING my teeth because my face was receiving no support from my pillow.

I sleep on my stomach at least at the start of the night, which means my face is on its side on the pillow (my cheek area is taking the weight of my head). I realised that I was clenching my teeth in order to keep my upper and lower jaws in their normal matched position. (I'm not a medical detail person, but anyone with this issue will recognize what I'm talking about.)

Additionally, I haven't found a conventional pillow (of any description)comfortable for years, and when I traveled slept without one, which I could tell was exascerbating the teeth-clenching.

Anyway, I read info about the tempurpedic "style" of neck pillow and thought I'd try it--try anything. I bought one at Costco (not a tempurpedic). I have been happy with other Novaform? products from Costco (mattress pads, even a mattress) but this pillow was not good. It was BIG and unyielding. I returned it (great returns policy at Costco) and went to Brookstone to try the real thing (at that time they had a 30 day return policy).

I bought a Small pillow at the recommendation of the salesman, who said one should buy the pillow based on height. I am 5' 4". This was good advice. This pillow is perfect. When I sleep on my stomach, the small "bump" is under my neck, and the upper bump supports my forehead. The difference in how your face feels supported is amazing--there is no pressure on my cheek and jaw.

This pillow has also given me the option of sleeping on my side or back later in the night (I always wake up after several hours sleep). To switch, I rotate the pillow 180 degrees, so that the larger bump is now at the bottom and supporting my neck. I could never do this before, as I immediately felt discomfort in my shoulder and neck.

Now here's another dental tip--if you feel pain in the area of a crown (back teeth), it might be related to pressure you are putting on that area when you sleep (as I described above). I was having that kind of pain frequently and thought I might have to have a root canal. This helped tremendously.

Another thing to watch is your posture--I find that if I sit up straight (Mom was right!) this pain is rare. As soon as I sit in a chair that tilts back, the crowned teeth start to ache. This goes for car seats, etc.

Yet another trigger can be a hard car seat--it puts pressure on your hip bones that works its way up somehow to trigger nerves in the jaw.

Anyway, I'm not a hypochondriac--this is the only issue that has given me trouble. But the Tempurpedic Neck pillow (correctly sized) and these other "alignment" modifications have made a huge difference.
Jun 30, 2008
4:07 am PDT

Re: Gee...
by jkapur
No, I work for a software company. I just happen to really like this product. It has been several years now and it is still the best pillow I have used and it still is just as supportive as the day it was new. Try getting that sort of lifespan from down or fiberfill.
Mar 7, 2008
9:09 pm PST

Down vs foam
by nuge2131
What kind of down pillow did you buy.It is only fair to compare apples with apples.If you thought 125 was very expensive you couldnt have been sleeping on a 125 down pillow.
Feb 2, 2007
10:11 pm PST

by gilhouse
written like a good Tempurpedic employee...
Dec 11, 2005
12:18 am PST

by xyzwyatt
I got my husband a pillow similar to this for Father's Day last year, he can't sleep without it. Pillows like this are really worth it to people with shoulder and neck problems. I'm going to add this pillow to my gift list.
Feb 16, 2005
5:36 am PST

Sounds like a heck of a pillow
by some_guy5
It sound great but that is a lot of money for a pillow. Maybe if it would also do my taxes....
Feb 15, 2005
11:06 am PST