The First Years Nursing Privacy Wrap

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First Years Nursing Wrap, a must-have for discrete nursing in public

Aug 10, 2010
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Pros:lightweight; slips on/off over head; adjustable; no worries of baby pulling it off

Cons:could be a little longer especially the back

The Bottom Line: Very economical wrap which provides good coverage when nursing baby.

Before our daughter was born I made the decision that I wanted to breastfeed her.  I had watched my sister in law over the years nurse all five of her children and she did it so discretely with just a simple blanket thrown over her shoulder or occasionally she would wear an old fashioned shawl.  Regardless I appreciated that she covered herself unlike another family member who thought her ta-tas were not only for the baby but the rest of the world to see. 

While I do believe breastfeeding is the best method of feeding a baby I personally think it's something private and beautiful between a mother and her child.  So, when I made the decision to breastfeed our baby I knew I wanted something other than a standard blanket to cover myself with when nursing in public.

As my due date quickly approached I made a very compulsive purchase; I bought the First Years Nursing Wrap.  I had seen the First Years Nursing Wraps in Target and Wal-Mart but didn't do any comparison shopping prior to making the purchase.

The Wrap
The First Years Nursing Wrap is very simply designed.  The fabric measures 20 long x 40 wide.  The wrap is donned by slipping it over your head then it just drapes over the shoulders.  There is sufficient neck room and a plastic loop at the top so the wrap can be slightly adjusted. 

The First Years actually refers to this as a peek-a-boo loop which is supposed to be designed so mom can see baby.  But I'll get to that feature a little further on.

The wrap is cotton and polyester and it is machine washable. 

My wrap is not solid black as the picture shows but rather brown with a blue/teal colored pattern.  I would have preferred the solid black wrap but our Target store did not have them in stock when I made my purchase.

Personal Experience
I am a very modest person and as a first time breastfeeding mom I didn't want to be uncomfortable when breastfeeding my baby in public places.  I found the First Years Nursing Wrap to be a great way to cover while breastfeeding. 

The wrap is simple to put on and take off.  Initially I wasn't sure about the whole loop thing because my wrap didn't come with any specific instructions.  But then I figured out that the "loop" goes over your shoulder and after paying attention I realized that the "back" of the wrap is actually shorter than the front (shorter by several inches). 

Although I would have been happier with an all cotton wrap this one is OK when it comes to breathability.  The fabric is soft and very light and seems to provide for decent air circulation.  Despite our hot summer days I haven't worried too much about baby overheating when she is covered with the wrap. 

I didn't find the "peek-a-boo loop" to be very useful in seeing my baby while she nurses.  Since there is sufficient room at the top of the wrap I simply pull it out so I can look down if I need to see my baby.  What would have helped a great deal would have been a thin flexible wire sewn into the front top part of the cover which would have allowed for mom to view baby easily.

Regardless I like the First Years Nursing Wrap.  I think it provides good coverage, it's lightweight, and it folds small enough to fit easily into my baby's diaper bag.

Final Thoughts
Overall I think the First Years Nursing Wrap is a good nursing cover.  It has proven thus far to be very durable as I have machine washed and air dried the cover numerous times and it still looks great!

As my baby has gotten older and likes to grab at things I have come to appreciate this cover even more.  Since the wrap is one piece and drapes over my body I don't worry that my baby will pull the cover off as she could a blanket. 

While the First Years Nursing Wrap may not be top of the line or the absolute best design I still appreciate that the wrap provides adequate cover and gives me the opportunity to comfortably nurse my baby in public.

I have already recommended the First Years Nursing Wrap to friends; I think it's a must-have product for any nursing mother.

Thank you for reading my review of the First Years Nursing Wrap.

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