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The Fluidity Bar: $200 plus $50 shipping

May 5, 2008
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Pros:it folds, a ball and bands

Cons:unnecessary, expensive for its use

The Bottom Line: Skip this one - you don't need it and the whole purchase of it is misleading.

When I first saw the Fluidity Bar at a neighbor’s condo I was surprised that anyone would buy this. Then I started seeing infomercials for it. We don’t have these infomercials (at least I’ve never noticed them) in Massachusetts. I was to learn more about the Fluidity Bar than just what it is supposed to do and how to use it.

What is this Bar?

It’s actually more than a bar in looks. A ballet type bar sits on two metal bars with rubber on the ends to protect your floor. The bars on the side are adjustable so that the ballet bar can be adjusted depending on what exercise you’re doing and your height. The bars have a 13 inch extension range from 26 inches to 39 inches. The ends slide into holes easily.

It’s about 50 pounds and will hold up to 300 pounds. This bar’s “unit” is a mat with a back rest. It takes up about 43 inches in width and 76 inches in length. It folds flat to only 4 inches high which is nice because it can really go under a bed easily (or most beds).

The purpose of the bar is to strengthen your body and become more flexible. We’ve all seen dancers using a ballet bar. This simulates a ballet bar but takes us one step farther because of the ability to sit down holding the bar and doing other exercise. Of course sitting on the floor – getting up and down – has to be easy for you to do. I would target this for young women whose bodies are still developing. I stretch doing Yoga and Pilates. Resistance training with light weights will strengthen your body so you see where I’m going with this thought process….

Let’s use it

I used this a couple of times for about 30 minutes which is the recommended time that you’ll need. In all fairness to the Fluidity Bar I did get some great stretching but I’ve also been out of my home state for months so I’ve lost my usual routine. On the other hand with some motivation I could have gotten a very similar stretch on the floor and/or in front of a DVD.

In addition to stretching out my body especially my legs I held onto the ballet bar and did straight back squats which we often do in the gym but holding a weight in my hand. Obviously I can’t hold the Fluidity Bar and a weight so again my target audience could have been my now 27 year old daughter who was a great little ballerina all through elementary school.

The Fluidity Bar comes with a DVD but I could figure this out on my own. However I can’t emphasize enough how important it will be to watch the DVD. Not only will you learn proper technique but it will ensure that you use the Fluidity Bar for more than 5 minutes before getting bored.

No complicated movements are necessary. I used the bar to do pull ups by lying on the blue pad and reaching up. I liked sitting against the back of it when doing core (the whole midsection which is worked in Pilates) exercises. In Pilates we don’t use a back because the core is worked better when we use it to hold ourselves upright and keep our backs straight. So sure I liked the back because it didn’t require as much work – so this goes back to my target audience. If you are a Pilates lover having the back will not strengthen your core as much as not having the back.

I also sat and held onto the bar and lifted one leg and then the other and then both. I could feel this working. I used the ball that the Fluidity Bar comes with and sat in a v shape which is effective.

Jo’s Final Thoughts

This is a totally unnecessary item. There is nothing that can’t be done for free or for a nominal amount of money that the Fluidity Bar gives you. The best parts are the ball and the resistance bands which will cost you a whole lot less. I felt that it was solid and sturdy but truly I can’t imagine someone 297 pounds using this bar repeatedly and having it hold up. If you are one who can claim this I’d love to hear form you. It has a lifetime warranty though so I can’t complain about that.

It comes with a healthy eating guide, resistance bands and a ball and pump.

The Problem

I wouldn’t be recommending this product even if this company was upfront. I had read complaints about their $39.95 for 30 days advertisement and then I saw it on television and agree that it is misleading. On top of that you will see "plus shipping and handling." The bottom line is you are going to pay $39.95 four more times after your original purchase making this Bar $199.75 plus shipping and tax.

Then I went to the website to see for myself. I’m quite used to the 4 payment plan on shows such as HSN so I immediately saw that the $39.95 deal had two options under the payment options. However many people don’t check the shipping and tax before placing their order. I have never seen a $50 shipping charge on a 50 pound piece of equipment. Actually $49.95 to be exact and if you live in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico plan on spending $139.95 for the shipping. I’m not told what the tax is and if you live in CT or CA you won’t have to pay for the tax but I imagine it’s the regular state tax on items. In MA it would be 5%.

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