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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64, 2000)

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The Best Zelda yet

May 18, 2001
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Pros:Great graphics, long lvels, very fun.

Cons:Hard to follow, hard to do, too short.

The Bottom Line: a great game that any person should buy if they want a good gaming challenge.


The story begins with Link (or whatever name you choose for him) in the Lost Woods searching for his long lost friend that helped him become a legend in the land of Hyrule. No it’s not Epona, its Navi if you haven’t allready figured it out. Trotting through the dark woods on his trusty steed, Link enjoys a nice little time of piece and quiet. It is however short lived because he is soon ambushed by two faries and an imp wearing a strange looking mask. Epona (being a horse) get startled by the two faries and rears back throwing our young heroe on the ground. The imp sifts through Link’s bag looking for something valuable. He just so happens to find the Ocarina of Time. He plays it for a minute while Link tries to regain his contiousness. When he finally does come to, he quickly tries to retrive his stolen merchandise. But the imp is too fast for our sluggish Link. He hops on Epona and rides off into the woods. Link grabs onto the side of his trusty steed and gets dragged through the Lost Woods. Eventually the imp makes Epona take a sharp turn. Link gets thrown off but that doesn’t stop him. he starts to persue him on foot. He runs and runs until he falls through a portal. When the long fall is over he sees the imp. The imp informs him that he “got rid of his horse due to the fact that it was too disobidient”. Thats when Link gets turned into a deku scrub. The imp floats away and closes the door. He did however leave one of the two faries behind. She then become Link’s “Navi” in this game and they set off.
When Link finishes going through the portal, he emerges in a clock tower. There he finds a happy mask salesman who asks him to retrieve the mask that the imp is wearing within the next three days for if he doesn’t get it back the world will come to an end. You know Link, he sets off on his new adventure.


Link must find His ocarina to turn himself back into a real boy. After he does the adventure really starts. He explores four awsome levels facing four excelent bosses. During his quest he finds three transformation masks to help him with the level he is working on. After you beet all four bosses you then go to beet Majora in three different forms.


During this game you can get 24 Happy masks. (3 tarnformation masks and four if you collect ALL happy masks) Also you get three new swords (Upgrade your Kokiri sword twice and a new, ultimate Farie Sword which you equipe with the C buttons). Also you get many differnt weapons.
The transformation masks change you into a Deku Scrub (you can hop across water) a goron (which allows you to roll and become invincible and lets you use a really really big bomb) a Zora (which lets you swim very fasts and use you fins as boomerangs) and if you spend the time, Oni Link (turns you into an allmighty diety whos powers can only be used against bosses).
With each transformation mask, you get a new instument also!! Deku Pipes (Deku Scrub) Goron Drums (Goron) and a guitar (Zora). However you can only use these with that character.


The save featue has to be used by eiether going back in time and loosing all your progress, or going to one of the designated spots to save. The songs are hard to memorize. It doesn’t give you much time to do things. The levels are pretty hard, and you loose all your stuff when you go back in time (ammo, money, and bottle stuff).


Your farie isn’t as annoying! The graphics are superb! And its fun to use the masks! Learning how to play is short and ez. Uses Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

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