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May 15, 2006 (Updated May 15, 2006)
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Pros:Strong plot, strong characterization, wonderfully written

Cons:Seems a bit to unrealistic at times

The Bottom Line: An extremely good book by a wonderful author.

"The Likes Of Me," by Randall Beth Platt, is a very intruiging story about a young albino girl named Cordelia Lu Hankins who basically, at the hands of her father, grew up in isolation. Her father owns a lumber yard in the pacific northwest, and Cordelia has never set a foot outside of it- ever. Cordelia is an extremely talented artist{She draws} and enjoys using her imagination to draw the places that she hears about. Although her drawing skills are great, her looks, she feels, are not. Due to her low self- esteem, she believes because she's ugly is the reason her father hasnt allowed her to leave the lumber yard, and visit other places.

While going through the usual problems girls her age go through{she's fourteen}, her life under goes a new arrival. Babe is a massive, cold woman who ends up marrying her father. Babe and Cordelia have very, "interesting" encounters with one another. Just when her life appears as though it cant get any worse, a "silver lining" appears in her very dark cloud of sadness.

She meets a very rambunctious and "tale-telling" young man named squirl, and Cordelia falls in love with him at first site. She watches him a lot through her window, and wishes she had the courage to talk to him. Well, one day, she gats the opportunity, and really falls for him{especially when he calls her pretty which is what every depressed girl her age wants to hear right?}.

Squirl is known for excepting and completing dares. Well, his "buddies" at the lumber yard gave him a dare that ends up with Cordelia and himself taking a long dangerous ride down a log fume, and ultimately leads up to Cordelia receiving her first kiss. Babe sees them kiss, and immediately reports them to her husband which leads to Squirl being fired, and Cordelia confined to her room. Babe{this being one of there interesting encounters} leads Cordelia to think she is pregnant because she kissed Squirl{Hey, thats one way to scare your kids into not having sex- that is until they find out the truth}. Because Cordelia dosent know any better, she believes Babe, and accepts the pepper that Babe gives her in order to purposely sneeze{In order to kill the "baby" I guess}.

Having a wonderful amount of time to think, she decides to go and find Squirl in order to be with him which leads her onto a selection of adventures, and encounters with numerous weird people. In the end of the story, Cordelia comes to a realization about herself, evaluates her love for Squirl, and comes to respect and care for someone she always thought she'd never care about.

"The Likes Of Me" by Ms. Platt is a very good book, and flows together beautifully. It will keep your attention, and makes you fall instantly in love with the main character.

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