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Sims 3 (Nintendo DS, 2010)

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Nov 19, 2010
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Pros:Nice Graphics, easy controls, no story line to follow

Cons:no story line to follow

The Bottom Line: Any Sims fan would be very happy with this game!  Great for the Sims fix on the go!

So my name is Davina and I am a Sims addict.  My husband first gave me The sims 2 for my PC.  And first i though "Meh this is OK"  4 years later i am still playing The Sims 2 all the time!  I love it!  I have gotten a few DS sims games and never really cared for them.  Personally I do not like that they make you follow a story and you have to "beat" the game.  I like the open ended Sims on the PC where I decide what happens to my Sims.  God complex much? LOL.   
So I cannot get The Sims 3 for my PC as, well its a piece of crap and it will not play it without dying.  So when I saw that Sims 3 was on DS I wanted to try it.  I was leery as i do not like to be told what to do in a Sims game.  
I popped it in my DS and said I would at least try.  If worse comes to worse I can sell it back to Game Stop!   I was surprised!  There is so many different was to customize your Sim.  Lots of hair and clothes and face shapes, their voice and likes and dislikes .  After I spent WAY to long making the perfect Sim I got her a house and went at it.  
I am addicted!  It plays just like a Sims PC game.  No challenges, or story lines.  You move into a house and just go at it like in the PC game.  Well except that you cannot kill your sim...DANG I LOVED THAT.  But you can still torture them, they just end up in the hospital.  You also cannot "woo hoo"  I assume that is because the E rating.  You also can only have 2 sims per household.  You still have your lifetime wants to fullfill, Karma points etc.  
For you house you can still knock down walls, paint and change the floor you just cannot landscape outside.  The town is very interesting also.  With a graveyard with a haunted house, a lighthouse, a dance club.  It then has all the normals like a gym, library etc.    There are alot of townies for your sim to meet so get out and explore!   
The camera controls are easy, and for once the tutorial is very helpful, i do suggest going through it as it explains the controls nicely.

Over all I love this game and am very impressed with it.  It is not as good as the PC version , but given the platform that is to be expected.  It is awesome for that Sims fix when you cannot get to your PC.  I LOVE that you are free to play god on this one and have no pre set challenges to do. 

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