Not about an Angel, ut really good book!

Jan 10, 2012
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Despite the title, the book is not about a stupid angel. It is more about the affects that a stupid angel's actions have on a town of people. There isn't really any main character in this book, though some character play larger parts than others. If I had to pick I would say The Constable probably takes the lead in the cast. Though most of the main characters are reoccurring, you will not feel left out if you have not read the books from which they originated.

Christopher Moore is an expert in writing witty, zany banter and inner monologues as well.  One such example is from a character who is having a mental break down and while grocery shopping thinks that ricotta cheese is "mocking her".

Though I as I state in my "Cons" some of the events that occur are a bit "I saw that coming", the execution and the nuances are still great.  This is only the second Christopher Moore book I have read and though I did enjoy it, I much preferred "Island of the Sequined Love Nun".  (But don't Let that stop you from reading it! It is a very good book.)

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