Tic Tac Chill Flat Tray Sugar Free Paradise Mints - 9 Ea Reviews

Tic Tac Chill Flat Tray Sugar Free Paradise Mints - 9 Ea

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Tic Tac Chill Paradise Mint- Supersized "Mommy & Daddy" Tic Tacs!

Feb 4, 2010 (Updated Feb 4, 2010)
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Pros:Effective, Cool, Freshens Breath, Fun Container, a Jumbo Tic Tac

Cons:No Real Sugar, Not Altoids (This could be a pro or con for different people)

The Bottom Line: I am NOT whisked off to a tropical island, but I do LOVE these. A modern, super-sized take on the lovable, original, and classic Tic Tac.

I LOVE mints. Although I do enjoy chomping on a piece of gum, to rid the stress of the day, I find myself drawn to mints. I have always been a fan of Tic Tac, as well. That little plastic case of mints is just so convenient. I love the sound of the "shaking" in my pocket or purse, like maracas. Ole! It is just... a tradition! Last week, while shopping at the grocery store, I was about to buy my multi-pack of Tic Tacs, when all of a sudden, I noticed something new on a display. They were Tic Tac Chill Mints- "large mint, more time to chill."


Tic Tacs are part of Ferrero Group's sugar confectionery line. Ferrero Group also makes the Kinder, Nutella, Duplo, and one of my favorite holiday treats, Ferrero Rocher products. The three Ferrero principles are "quality, innovation, and freshness." Ferrero is a worldwide company started in Italy. Within their Tic Tac line, they feature original Tic Tac, Tic Tac Bold, and Tic Tac Chill. Tic Tacs were introduced in 1969. It has been a leading breath mint for over 40 years and is available for purchase worldwide. They have recently changed the packaging of Tic Tacs as well, to help reduce environmental impact. The new Tic Tac packaging is "made of polypropylene, a flexible plastic that is recyclable. It is just as strong as the original, and retains the distinctive...packaging and sound of the Tic Tac shake, but with a softer, muted tone." This packaging can be recycled.


Tic Tac Chill Mints
are packaged in a larger, modern, clear Caribbean-blue, plastic container. It is rectangular and rounded at the top and bottom. It is almost double the size of the original Tic Tac container. It is very cool and suave in appearance. This is still fine for my purse, yet might be a little large for the pockets. Tic Tac Chill Mints are available in Paradise Mint or Exotic Cherry. I purchased the Paradise Mint. Tic Tac has the following description: "Picture yourself rocking in a hammock between palm trees, the sun setting in the distance. When you pop our Paradise Mint flavor in your mouth, you'll enjoy a breezy sensation so cooling, fresh, and smooth, it's simply chill."

I was so excited to try this new Tic Tac, however, the packaging is a little strange. There were steps to opening it. Yes, everyone, one more job to do. Come on, what happened to the little top tab that one just had to tear back??!!? This new packaging requires the following steps: 1. Grab the tab and tear open the wrapper. 2. Tear off the wrapper completely. 3. Remove the tear strip to slide open. 4. Open the sliding door or the flip top. This is a little ridiculous. Too much plastic wrapping. Anyway, I love the new option to either flip the top, like the traditional Tic Tac. It is just a little more modern and rounded in style. Also, you can slide the the window on the front of the package to grab mints, as well. This reminds me of a drive-thru window...love it. I am having lots of fun with this one. It clicks back closed as well and stays closed nicely without popping open. The flip top is nice too. It has a larger opening than the original Tic Tac, to accommodate the Mommy and Daddy mints.

Try, Try, Try. After the odyssey that was packaging, I was finally able to try the mints. These mints are very reminiscent of the original Tic Tac, however, they are still white but larger and almost triple the size. The coating also lacks that shininess and is rather matte. They are almost vitamin-like in appearance. Nothing fancy, no colors. After I am finished playing with the drive-thru window...I try. These mints have a sugar coating, which is immediately smooth upon placing in your mouth. The layers seem to be as follows: initial, smooth, sweet sugar coating, to smooth mint flavor, and then to rough-textured very strong mint flavor. The wallop of flavor does not arrive until the rough-textured stage of experiencing the mint. The initial experience is smooth and refreshing, still. It eases you in a little. These dissolve in about a minute, much longer than the typical Tic Tac, which seems to dissolve in fifteen seconds, hence why I always take three at a time!! This is a great change. Sometimes, people wish to experience their mint for more than a couple of seconds. They are definitely more potent than original Tic Tacs as well. The mint is very refreshing, sweet, and smooth. It cools you down for about eight minutes afterwards. The cool mint sensation lasts until about a minute after the mint dissolves, as well. Your mouth is left with a faint remnant of coolness and fresh breath. I had a cup of coffee before trying these, and it faded the coffee taste quite well. If you are trying to fade the onion/garlic taste however, I would recommend doubling up on the number of mints. You may even need three! This mint serves its purpose well, combating breath and providing a cool, refreshing experience.

I would not say that Tic Tac Chill Paradise Mints remind me of the island that Tic Tac was alluding to, however, more like walking outside in Connecticut on a February morning. Sorry...I am ruining the island thing. Oops.


Ingredients are as follows:

Xylitol, Gum Arabic, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Licorice, Magnesium Stearate, Acesulfame K, Aspartame. (Aspartame contains Phenylalanine)

Nutritional Facts:

Serving Size is 1 Piece. (36 mints per container) Net Weight= .95oz
Calories- 1.8
Total Fat- 0g
Sodium- 0mg
Total Carb- less than 1g
Sugars- 0g
Sugar Alcohols- less than 1g
Protein- 0g

Made in Ecuador...apparently the US can't make mints either.

Tic Tac's information regarding Xylitol:
"a naturally occurring sweetener that can be found in many sources such as fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms and various hardwoods. Xylitol is also produced by the human body as part of natural metabolism...Xylitol was discovered in the late 1800's, by German and French Scientists and has been used as a sweetener in foods since the 1960's. The FDA has confirmed that Xylitol is safe for human consumption. However, Xylitol may not be safe for pets." This is their stance. I prefer REAL sugar.

Wait a minute. Oh My...Are people actually giving their pets breath mints?!?!?!?

**NOTE...Make sure you close the "drive-thru" window, I dumped half of my mints on the office desk while writing this review. Ha.**


This is a great breath freshener for "mint people." If you prefer mints to gum, you will probably enjoy these. They are cool, refreshing, and enjoyable. They are a nice experience and get the job done pretty well. However, if you are an Altoids person, then these are probably not the mints for you. I don't care for Altoids. The Tic Tac Chill Mints are definitely not as strong. Remember, they are a Tic Tac. I have always thought that there are Tic Tac-types and Altoids-types. If you want a smooth, won't "knock your socks off" mint, the Tic Tac Chill Paradise Mint is for you. They are crisp and effective.

I paid about $2 for one package. Worth it. Loving them.

Now, go kiss that loved one!


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