Tidy Cat Breeze Cat Litter Box System, 1-Count Kit Reviews

Tidy Cat Breeze Cat Litter Box System, 1-Count Kit

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Tidy Cat Breeze Litter Box System

Sep 7, 2008 (Updated Sep 7, 2008)
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Pros:Ease of cleanup, litter made of safe, sustainable material, cat likes it.

Cons:As I said, lack of readily available accessories and cost.

The Bottom Line: I believe in writing recommendations on products that I think are really innovative and if they make a difference in my life, large or small.

I have used this product for nearly one month, and my cat and I love it! The pads, located underneath in a slide-out tray, need to be changed once weekly (roughly) for my one cat. Probably would need to be more frequently for more than one, however. It is an attractive unit overall, and very easy to set up. Although I was warned that my cat might not take to it easily, she instantly loved it. I have only seen a few pellets out of the box itself, and with the attached scoop, even my 7 year old daughter doesn't mind scooping out the nearly odorless dried droppings. I had never related the fact that once the urine is separated, the main smell of the litter box is pretty much gone. Although I do change the pad weekly, as there is a slightly strong odor towards the end of the week, it is simple to do and really doesn't smell at all. I have yet to change the litter, which is supposed to be done monthly.

Overall, this is a great product. I am looking forward to there being more pads/pellets widely available in the stores and those items coming down in price in the near future.

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