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Tippi Micro Gel Grips Should replace those ugly brown bumpy fingers in most offices!

Jan 2, 2009 (Updated Jan 2, 2009)
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Pros:Feels like they are not there, catchy colors, work great, no finger prunes!

Cons:A little hard to get on/off, but that gets easier as you use them!

The Bottom Line: Very nice sorting tips, feel comfortable, colorful work great!

I was asked by the manufacturer of this product for my honest review of the item.  I wanted to state this upfront before proceeding so that you knew this as you are reading the review of the item.  Early October I was contacted, asked if I would provide my honest opinion and agreed, and I received some of the Tippi Micro Gel Grips in the mail a short while later.  So, I have been using these micro gels for a couple of months now and felt I could provide my thoughts to share with you all here.

The Product
I am sure most of you out there have witnessed the ugly, bumpy finger tip “sorting” fingers in the office at one time or another.  They are an almost iodine brown colored, bumpy tip that you put on your finger and it fits just on the top of your finger tip and comes down roughly an inch or so down your finger.  If you don’t have the correct size, it will fall off or it will pinch the dickens out of your finger tip.   If it helps, they remind me of rubber thimbles (ones that you would NOT use for sewing because they can easily be punctured with a needle).   I know, thanks for the terrible trip down memory lane, right?

This product, Tippi Micro Gels gives the “finger” a magical update that looks cooler, has cooler colors and does the job very well.  When you are first looking at the product, you have to either have a guess about what size of finger you have or use the smartly done sizing grid on the packages.  Mind you, you will have to insert your finger into the holes placed on the packages to find the correct size to use on your finger.  So, that can be a bit awkward in a store pulling boxes off the shelf, inserting your finger, pulling it out, trying the next, etc.  But, you do want to do this to get a realistic size for your finger tip.

This product is a latex free product (so those that have to watch out for that will not have to worry about latex) and it’s offered in really neat colors.  You can hopefully find a color that suits you in the many possibilities as listed - Red, Blue, Green and a Clear.  For those that might wonder about archiving or possible scrapbooking, these are also stated as being acid free!  The colors are fun.  They truly help keep it from being boring and dull.

You can use your ring size if you know it, or possibly go to the website and get a sizing grid that will help you BEFORE going to the store to purchase your sorting fingers.  The sizes available are from 0 to 13.  (If you are not familiar with the normal ring sizing scheme, it’s the odd numbers 0,1,3,5, etc.)  The guide should help if you absolutely have no clue where you fit in this scale.  But, there is a wide variety of sizes available, so you will have a choice.  I found that I preferred using 2 of the tips, one on my index finger and one on my thumb.  Needless to say, I needed to use 2 packages due to the different sizes.  But, each package contains two tips, so you will have a backup available if you use these tips to death or lose one when using them!

The look of the tips are kind of fun.  It has ridges on the finger “tip” portion to give you a great grasp on the items you are sorting through.  There is an opening over the nail bed and the knuckle area with a line of the gel going over your finger just past the knuckle for a secure, strong fit (if properly sized for your finger).  There are also some little breathing spots located in the actual finger tip portion of the gel finger.  This way, when using it, you won’t have that wet, slimy feeling when you remove the gel from your finger (like you do when you wear the brown rubber finger tips for a long time).  I have used both for extended periods of time and I did not experience the wrinkling of my finger tips with the micro gel tips like I did when wearing the other brown finger tips.  That was great!

The feel of the micro gel tips is kind of strange.  It feels kind of sticky (that’s what helps sorting items to ensure that you don’t have many items sticking together).  This is a bit of a draw back when you set the fingers down because they can kind of collect dust or say crumbs if you have some where the tips are laid down.  But, they are easily washed with gentle soap and slightly warm water. 

I haven’t been using these a tremendously long time, but I have paged through hundreds and hundreds of pages of contracts while reviewing the print for changes.  They haven’t broken, worn down or worn out in that time.  I hope to update with longevity at a later time, quite a bit of time down the road, though.
I did find it a bit awkward, initially putting the micro gels on and actually using them.  But, they did quickly become a “part” of me, as if I had nothing on my fingers.  It was as though they became invisible.  To use a cliché’ “they fit like a glove”.  It was easy to switch between tasks, if needed, from separating pages to gripping a pen, marking changes and going back easily to separating the pages.

When you get the right size, they really do fit snugly on your finger.  They are somewhat strange to put on, as you are pulling the tip onto your finger and have to work the little band that goes passed your knuckle down under your knuckle.  It’s kind of like wriggling into a snug fitting pair of jeans where you have to move around a bit to get them up.  You will get used to the way of putting on the micro gel quickly.  Taking them off is also a little bit of wriggling, but not nearly as bad! 

I thought with all of the wriggling that these little bands going below the knuckle would rip or tear.  But, I was pleasantly surprised that they are holding tight.  Mind you, I haven’t been sitting here pulling them like a rubber band and trying to hit my coworkers in their pods or cubes.  I have just been putting them on, using them and taking them off.  I am sure if you tried hard enough, you can rip them to shreds.  Be careful around staples and scissors.  These would likely rip or tear the micro gels if it gets tugged pretty hard.

While waiting for my opinion to show on the Epinions website, the gentleman that sent me the product advised that they did win a Bronze award in the 2008 International Design Excellence Awards that are presented.  What an honor.  Creativity does pay, gives us some new products to use that are not ugly, basically useless and just hard to use! (I am sorry; those ugly brown fingers have always haunted me.  They fall off easily, make my finger feel strange and they don’t really become useful until you break the rubber down some and get the finger a bit “gummy” or sticky.)

Overall Impressions
I was impressed by these tips.  They were fun looking, very useful and quite breathable.  I did not have to worry about my fingers looking like prunes when I took off the tips, which was nice.  Sorting was excellent.  They worked terrific, easily separating out the pages and I did not have to struggle to get the items separated.  They worked very well.

The colors, as mentioned, look great and fun.  You can get multiple colors to mix it up if you want, or clear if you don’t want to draw a lot of attention to your sorting fingers.  You can use these for multiple items, money, sorting papers, anything that you need a little grip or possibly feel you have to lick your finger tips to separate out.  Just think, fewer people licking their fingers to separate the change they give you, less germs and who knows what else!  Hygienically, these tips will help keep the person from getting and giving germs to the next person that is handed the separated items!

These items are relatively inexpensive too, so it is not going to cost you a tremendous amount of money.  Just remember, try to figure out your size(s) before heading to the store, or be prepared to use the handy measuring cutout on the package.  It’s great that this is offered.  But, as mentioned, people might start looking at you if you are picking boxes up off the shelf sticking your finger through and then putting it down, grabbing another one , etc.  You can find out more information on the product, what it looks like, etc . at the website http://www.tippibrand.com/.  These items can be purchased, as far as I know, online and at Office Max retail stores.

One additional thought: the Sortkwik product on the market http://www.epinions.com/content_330416950916 is still also on the market.  But, I still find these micro gel tips to surpass this option as well.  Because, using the Sortkwik, you still have to go back to the container again and again to refresh the "sticky" properties of your fingers.  These gel tips, you will not have to do that! 

~Thank you for spending time with me today!~

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