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Toastmaster 1119 Electric Blades Grinder

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Toastmaster 1119 Electric Coffee Grinder: Long live the coffee grinder

Mar 4, 2007 (Updated Mar 4, 2007)
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Pros:Lasted two years under heavy use. Only costs $10.

Cons:Stopped making fine grounds after a year and a half. A little noisy.

The Bottom Line: The bottom line hits 7-11 for coffee.

I received this grinder as a gift for Christmas of 2004 and it recently started showing signs of dying on me so I just purchased a Proctor-Silex model which I will probably review after a little more use. The Toastmaster 1119 was a decent grinder but it had its shortcomings also. Being that it was my first grinder, I do not have a whole lot of experience with which to compare.

Toastmaster 1119 Coffee Grinder

The grinder stands about 9 inches or so tall and has a rather short AC cord that reaches just about three feet. The top opens to reveal two semi-sharp blades inside a small metal bowl that holds about 1/3 cup of coffee beans. I usually use about 1/4 cup of beans for my 8 cup coffee maker. In order to grind the beans the lid must be on in the proper orientation and you press the grey button on the lid to grind. If you like fine ground (as I do) you had to grind for about 15 seconds when it was new.

Quality of coffee

When the grinder was new, the quality of the grinds was consistent and the taste was excellent (depending of course on the quality of the beans used). If I were to grind the coffee beans for about 15 seconds, they came out uniformly fine, almost like a powder. As the grinder aged it took longer to get those fine grinds and for the last few months it just doesn’t grind them fine anymore. Now it takes about 30 seconds to get what looks to be the consistency of Maxwell House coffee but at least it tastes better than MH because I use decent beans.


The coffee grinder started showing signs of failing this past week. Sometimes it will not run until you unplug it and plug it back in. The motor also seems slower and less powerful that it used to. I don’t know how long a grinder should last, but I feel I got my money’s worth considering they cost about $10 and I got mine as a gift. It lasted a little over two years so I figure $10 every two years is not bad at all. I would have bought another one, but they did not have them anymore at my local grocery store so I bought a Proctor-Silex model instead and it seems to work just as good as this one did when it was new.


It is a decent grinder for a steal of a price. $10 every couple of years for good tasting coffee is a winner in my book (even if I can’t give it five stars because it hasn’t given me fine grinds for about four months now). If you need a cheap grinder that gets the job done, this one will do it for a while.

I would say that the grinder is noisy, but I have never seen one that wasn't so it doesn't really bother me. Smelling fresh ground coffee first thing in the morning is worth a little early morning buzzing and crunching.

I also want to note that in all fairness to the grinder, I probably grind a lot more coffee than most people who will use this grinder. When I say “a lot” I mean like sometimes three or four pots per day… every day. So if you only make one pot in the morning, this grinder may last you a lot longer than it did me.

Thanks for reading,
Gr8ful ;-)

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