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Tony Little Gazelle Sprintmaster

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Master the Sprint with Tony Little

Sep 10, 2008 (Updated Sep 10, 2008)
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Pros:Inexpensive, decent workout, hand sensors for heart rate.

Cons:No programs or features to alleviate boredom.

The Bottom Line: This is a good machine for the money and for the person who wants a decent workout at home without programs.

About the Tony Little Gazelle Sprintmaster

Like other Gazelles that Tony makes the Sprintmaster we are told will tone, trim and shape virtually every part of my body. Tony continues to surprise me with his machines. For less than $300 you are going to get a pretty nice machine.

You'll get a two year warranty, a water bottle and water bottle holder that you'll have to attach to the side of the machine, two DVDs which are really helpful. I think if you are like I am and prefer not to work out at home or get lazy about it you'll find Tony Little's DVDs motivational.

The machine folds. If you look online you'll see a picture of someone sliding it under the bed. In reality it doesn't slide that easily unless your bed is very high off the ground.

It can handle up to 300 pounds and I would agree with that. Some of his other machines I've questioned the durability and stability of the machine but I found the Sprintmaster to be really sturdy. I didn't feel as if I were going to tip over with me on top of it. It measures 44 inches by 33 inches by 45 inches.

Let's use it

Like all of the Gazelle's there is a slight learning curve when you first get on the machine. Unlike a treadmill which has areas on which you would put your feet or an elliptical that you can start once you're settled the Sprintmaster has neither. So you will get on the long and wide footpads which have a lip on the top so my feet don't slip and immediately move. Just make sure you are holding on; however, the handles move as well. Once you use it a couple of times this will become quite easy.

The handles are made of soft foam and have a heart rate sensor built in. As I glide (One leg moves in front while the other one goes in back and then vice versa) I can hold onto the handles which move also. The pedals move freely in the air connected by a thin cable.

There is a small console that displays distance, speed, time, pulse and calories burned.

It has what is called Soft Glide. This made the movement really smooth and interesting. I felt the pedals swing a bit really allowing me to go fast. Of course one of the features of the Sprintmaster that you'll like is that you control your workout. Then again that means that there are no functions. There are no programs that will pick a workout for you.

I also liked the way I could stretch my legs out to the side and that I could take off the pistons to make the ride a bit more challenging.
Truly the Gazelle Sprintmaster I think was the machine that was the easiest on my joints. It is literally no impact.

It's perfect for people who don't want any bells or whistles. This isn't for the elite runner who wants to train. Although I got a great workout I'm not an elite runner or an elite athlete. I liked the machine a lot. It's smooth, sturdy and stable and gave me a good "run" for the money.

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